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Which Are The Best Major Retailers To Work For?

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By Ryan Pratt

Job seekers are truly spoiled for choice when they send out resumes in the retail industry. Department stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores are always looking for bright and enthusiastic recruits.

While some businesses are renowned for staff turnover, others have a reputation for going above and beyond for their employees. Let’s look at the best major retailers to work for.

Why Customer Service?

Being a customer service representative carries a surprising amount of perks. For one thing, you can put your social skills to the test. Few industries are willing to put you on the frontlines of their business quite like retail – and that’s a lot of responsibility! On a given day, you’ll be interacting with people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

Customer service jobs are also a great way of getting your steps in! Unlike many professions, which force employees to remain seated throughout the day, you’ll be staying fit as you take on different service tasks. Add a flexible schedule and an employee discount to the offer and it’s understandable why many people see the benefits of a retail job.

The customer service sector is evolving by leaps and bounds. As competition between retailers becomes increasingly nuanced, brand loyalty is more important than ever. That’s why these companies are investing more into their employees.

Shutterstock: Robert Kneschke

Costco Wholesale

No matter which list of top retailers you peruse, there’s a good chance you’ll see Costco named. The wholesale grocery giant offers an average annual salary of over $28,000, while cashiers earn between $35,000 and $37,000.

In addition to compensating their employees well, Costco offers a tempting benefits package. Staff members gain health insurance and life insurance, plus dental, vision, and mental health coverage. They basically get a free gym membership as well, considering all of that square footage to pace!



While Costco dominates the supermarket competition, Nordstrom stands out from the specialty crowd. The fashion retailer pays its sales associates handsomely (between $26,000 and $36,000), while sales managers net almost twice as much (around $68,000). If that salary jump isn’t an incentive to climb the ranks, we don’t know what is!

Outside of employee pay, the company culture appears to be Nordstrom’s chief asset. Their generous health care package is matched by a flexible spending account, so employees can look as trendy as the mannequins they’re dressing.

Shutterstock: Robert Kneschke

Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks has maintained their reputation for progressive employee standards over the years. In fact, you could say the Washington-based coffee chain helped pioneer the approach of investing in their staff. Free food and drink? Paid sick days? Sign us up!

How many retail businesses offer to fund 100% of their employees’ tuition for a bachelors’ degree? For that matter, how many coffee shops offer retirement packages? These are just a few of the reasons Starbucks continues to attract conscientious, intelligent employees.

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Apple is another trendy specialty retailer that continues to foster prestige among the job-seeking masses. Perhaps that’s because the tech company gives its employees health coverage, stock grants, and a 401k plan.

Those perks, matched with a strong annual salary ($53,000 on average), only tells part of the story. According to the thousands of staff reviews on Glassdoor, employees are most enthusiastic about the company culture.

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Wegmans Food Markets

Look out, Costco – you have some serious competition! Wegmans Food Markets has been expanding its reach across the U.S. for over 100 years, and yet it’s still a family-owned business. The authenticity of Wegmans’ roots might explain why they treat their employees the old-fashioned way – with respect, of course!

The grocery chain attracts job applicants with health insurance, discounts, paid time off, and a retirement plan. They also reward loyalty, as salaried staff members can make upwards of $57,000.

Shutterstock: QualityHD

Lululemon Athletica

Gym lockdowns didn’t prevent this apparel retailer from thriving in recent years! Lululemon has carved a unique path as an employer, offering paid parental leave and steep discounts (up to 60% off).

Although the wages are pretty typical, the Canadian company does its part to foster an active, healthy lifestyle. Employees are welcome to join free in-store classes and can get reimbursed for participating in health and wellness programs. Sounds good for both Lululemon staff as well as the community they serve!

Shutterstock: Sorbis

Discount Tire

A somewhat surprising entry on this list is Discount Tire. Not satisfied with being the world’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer, the Arizona-based company is now earning its stripes as one of the best places to work.

The lowest-paying positions are typical (at around $9 per hour) but technicians and managers can make upwards of $84,000 annually. Meanwhile, the benefits put the employee’s health and family life first, with medical insurance, a wellness program, plus paid holidays and sick time.

Shutterstock: Brett Hondow


Clearly there are big changes happening in the grocery industry because we’re ending this list with yet another supermarket. H-E-B is named after the company’s founder, Howard E. Butts, but nowadays the acronym is just as synonymous for the store’s slogan: “Here Everything’s Better”.

H-E-B Employees are definitely behind this message, as the Texas-based market is consistently graded highly on Glassdoor. The store offers routine pay raises and growth opportunities, as well as stock options, health insurance, and competitive salaries.

Shutterstock: Moab Republic

A Win-Win Approach

These major retailers aren’t simply doling out the perks to earn a kind reputation amongst employees and shoppers. Instead, they’re proving that putting time and money into their staff results in a stronger, more motivated workforce.

By treating employees like valued members of a team, rather than hourly wage earners, they’re also combating staff turnover, internal theft, and toxic workplace negativity. As a result, these companies don’t have to go looking for new recruits because job seekers are coming to them.

Many of the retailers on this list have been fostering their employee-friendly credentials for years, so don’t expect them to pull the plug on their goodwill anytime soon. Clearly, it’s proving to be a win-win approach for both employer and employee!

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