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Banking Basics


The Real Costs of Living Without a Bank Account

According to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation report from 2019, 5.4% of American households don’t have a bank account. The number doesn’t sound like a huge percentage. However, with 325+ million people in the country, that’s as much as 7.1 million households that were unbanked. The reasons for why these families are going without a […]

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Internet Banking Graphics Banking

A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Banking

In this downturned economy, it is important to keep track of your money as it enters your account and more importantly how it leaves. That means you need to keep a tight eye on your bank account and the bills you are paying. This is one more magical way the internet helps you. Online banking […]

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Scattered Cash with Piggy Bank Banking

Score One of These Great Savings Account Sign-Up Bonuses

Online commerce has really transformed the financial services industry. It’s turned into a business that’s laser-focused on customer satisfaction. Big banks in particular are flexing their financial muscle, offering lucrative sign-up bonuses to new savings account customers. It’s an ongoing campaign to outperform competitors. These offers typically require customers to open a new savings account, […]

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Money Market Chart with Coins on it Banking

The Best Money Market Rates of 2019

Money market accounts are a solid option for savers who want to see their principal earn meaningful interest with no risk. In case you’re not already familiar with money market accounts, they are a higher-interest option offered by many financial institutions. The funds they hold get invested in low-risk, short-term debt-based assets, allowing banks to […]

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