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Top Paying Warehouse Jobs to Apply For

3 minute read

By Chelsea Dolan

  • There are various types of managerial positions to apply for at a warehouse.
  • Some warehouse jobs pay close to six-figure salaries.
  • You can apply to many warehouse jobs with the right degree or work experience.

Warehouse jobs involve everything from managing stock, packaging orders and shipping it out to clients or customers. There are plenty of jobs in need of employees with various skill levels, work experience and education. Before applying to just any warehouse job you come across, it would be good to know which ones are the highest paying. You can discover all types of warehouse jobs with a search online.

Some warehouse jobs will require people with a certain type of education or past work experience. Start an online search to learn about what hiring managers are looking for.

Here are some high paying warehouse jobs to apply for.

Distribution Operations Manager

Those looking for a managerial position can apply to be a distribution operations manager. These professionals are responsible for overseeing all of the shipping, receiving and storing of products in a warehouse. They also develop policies that will help maximize efficiency and employee performance.

Some key skills that are helpful for this job include:

  • Customer service;
  • Problem solving;
  • Industry software;
  • Planning logistics, and;
  • Project management software.

According to ZipRecruiter, the salary can range anywhere from $70,500 to $97,500. Most employers would prefer if distribution operations managers carry a degree in business, operations management or a related field.

Packaging Manager

There are a lot of moving parts when working in a warehouse. To ensure the packaging process operates smoothly, packaging managers are hired. They oversee employees to ensure everything is packaged properly and on time. Packaging managers also do quality control checks to make sure the packaging meets all safety, environmental and health requirements.

To become a packing manager, you’ll need around five years of relevant experience. This position pays anywhere from $42,500 to $93,000 per year.

Customs Compliance Manager

There are a lot of federal guidelines to follow when a warehouse imports and exports goods. A customs compliance manager ensures those guidelines are being met. They do this by performing audits and typically oversee a team of customs compliance professionals.

ZipRecruiter says this job pays a salary of $54,000 to $92,500. Some employers will hire you based on experience. But many will like you to have a four-year degree in logistics, international relations or something similar.

Distribution Center Manager

To help keep a warehouse functioning, a distribution center manager is needed. These professionals manage the daily organizing and operations of distribution centers. They perform tasks like supervising the loading and unloading of packages, checking inventory, and monitoring facility safety. This position also involves managing subordinate staff.

According to ZipRecruiter, this job pays $59,000 to $85,000 per year. To qualify for this job, you typically need five years of experience in a related area.

Export Manager

There is proper policy and procedure to follow when it comes to exporting goods. ZipRecruiter says export managers are in charge of this process and working to increase efficiency. Some tasks an export manager can expect to take on include:

  • Monitoring international shipments;
  • Consulting with clients;
  • Evaluating reports;
  • Overseeing staff members, and;
  • Handling sales and transactions.

You can earn between $47,000 and $80,000 per year as an export manager. You will typically need a bachelor’s degree in finance, international business, marketing or another related field.

More High Paying Jobs

You can discover many types of job opportunities in a warehouse. Depending on your skills and experience, there could be several different jobs you qualify for. Below are some additional warehouse jobs along with average salary ranges.

  • Inventory Control Manager ($44,500 to $70,500).
  • Customs Broker ($42,000 to $75,000).
  • Warehouse manager ($37,500 to $60,000).
  • Material Controller ($31,000 to $60,500).
  • Export Agent ($36,000 to $57,500).

Find More Warehouse Jobs Online

If you’re looking for employment in a management position, warehouses are a great place to look. There are various managerial positions that lead teams in different areas of the warehouse. Each has a list of job requirements and tasks that could be something you’re qualified for.

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree or carry relevant job experience, you can apply for warehouse jobs online. Start a search online to discover the various warehousing jobs looking for workers. You can also search for salaries and apply for the top paying positions.


Chelsea is a writer based in Toronto. She covers a little bit of everything including finance, health, shopping, lifestyle, and more.


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