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Proven Ways To Find The Best Remote Data Entry Employers

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By Ryan Pratt

There’s no one way to expand your data entry portfolio. From full-time salaried positions to casual side-gigs, the internet is full of employers – but connecting with the right ones can be tricky!

Whether you’re looking for remote work in this field, or eager to learn more about salary and job expectations, here are proven ways to find the best remote data entry employers online.

Searching For Employers

We all have certain criteria when we’re looking to make a smart career move. Salary and benefits are key factors to research, as with any profession. Yet company culture is a newer consideration, as it reflects the contentment of a company’s employees.

Even though it’s easier to gain insights on this information than ever before, the data entry field is unique. Opportunities can be sourced from search platforms, staffing solutions, or subscription-based marketplaces. Plus, some of these paths can be scams! So, how are applicants supposed to know the best path for them?

By analyzing the top-hiring employers and exploring different ways of showcasing your skills, we’ve done the legwork for remote data entry job seekers!



Teleperformance provides customer care, technical support, analytics, and digital solutions to connect major brands to their customers. The award-winning company has over 420,000 employees serving 170 countries – and about 60% work remotely.

While Teleperformance pays an average of $16 per hour – which is lower than many of the other companies on this list – they frequently hire remote data entry clerks.

This hiring streak has more to do with their business expansion than high staff turnover. After all, Teleperformance is famous for its high employee reviews. 79% of employees insist that the company is a great employer, compared to 57% of employees at a similar company.

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People use Zocdoc’s free service to find and book appointments with doctors or medical insurance representatives. These appointments can be in-person or virtual and cover over 200 different healthcare specialities.

Zocdoc’s platform requires a lot of remote data entry help, since millions of people use their service each month. The company pays these roles an average of $45,490 per year. Perhaps that elevated pay rate explains why the company has landed on Fortune’s Best Workplaces list. Unsurprisingly, an astounding 94% of employees agree with that assessment.

There are a variety of companies as established and successful as Teleperformance and Zocdoc, but how do you find them? Let’s look at some ways you can connect with the data entry employer of your dreams!

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Professional Staffing Options

Unlike the previous companies, Ajilon is a professional staffing resource that is responsible for placing countless job applicants into thriving data entry positions.

Since this is a job placement firm, the average salary of positions on offer fluctuates greatly. Likewise, the employee reviews for jobs obtained through Ajilon vary significantly, with data entry clerks reporting both positive and negative experiences.

There are a variety of professional staffing companies that showcase data entry positions, such as Aerotek and Adecco. The average pay of jobs obtained through the latter company – $15.56 per hour – is lower than the aforementioned companies. However, if you’re just starting out and building your skillset, a job placement agency could be an excellent option.

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Data Entry Job Marketplaces

Flexjobs isn’t really an employer but a job board that connects a variety of trades (including data entry clerks) with employers. If you’re interested in a company that handpicks both entry-level and executive remote data entry jobs for you, this might be a great option.

First, the downside: Flexjobs charges a monthly subscription fee of $24.95 for its services. However, the upsides of that fee may be worth your while, especially if you’re interested in remote work and flexible gigs on a recurring basis.

There are other marketplaces where you can “sell” your data entry skills, such as Fiverr and Upwork. These companies work differently in that you market your abilities in order to get selected by a company in need. Just keep in mind that these platforms take a percentage cut of any payment you receive.

Job Posting for SeniorsConstantin Stanciu / Shutterstock

Best Search Platforms

If the mention of “staffing solutions” and “job marketplaces” is turning you off, it might be best to source a data entry position on your own. Luckily, some of the best job listing platforms on the internet are free – and compliment each other well!

Indeed allows you to filter your search in many ways, finding the best full or part-time data entry opportunities in your area. Another platform, Glassdoor, excels at providing insights on the companies you’re applying to, including salary estimates and employee reviews.

If you’re established in your field and looking for more than a side hustle, these search platforms often result in higher paying and more stable jobs.

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Beware Of Scammers

Sadly, the remote data entry job market is full of opportunists. Many job offers come with strings attached, asking the applicant for money upfront in order to purchase training or software. This is a serious red flag that the job you’re applying for doesn’t exist. Any job posting that promises a wildly high salary should also be viewed skeptically — especially if the posting isn’t on the company’s website.

Even if you choose to let marketplace platforms or staffing companies source your opportunities for you, make sure you select a trusted job placement agency. Some of these job boards have been known to charge fees for nonexistent opportunities. It’s a good rule of thumb to always be cautious about fraudsters when looking online for remote work.


Determine Your Goals

When it comes to finding the best data entry employers, it’s important to know what kind of work you’re after. Assessing your career goals can help you decide where you should send your resume.

If you’re looking for an entry-level position or a side-job to build your credentials, a job marketplace may be your best route. If you have solid experience, on the other hand, you might be better off applying to companies directly.

Regardless of your preferences, there’s a wealth of avenues waiting to connect you to remote data entry employers. Be sure to check out some of the above platforms and you’ll be working remotely in no time!

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Ryan Pratt



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