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How To Make Real Money Online The Easy Way

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By Ryan Pratt

Get-rich-quick schemes existed long before the internet came along, but they’re even more common nowadays. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can present themselves as a self-made millionaire – and they’re all eager to share their secret.

While it’s good to have a healthy amount of skepticism, there are ways of earning real income on the internet. Let’s look at a few tried-and-true methods of making money online.

Consider Your Expertise

Millions of people make money from working with online platforms and companies – there’s no reason you can’t be one of them. The internet is still wide open for remote opportunities, whether you’re looking for sporadic influxes of money or a reliable side income.

Your money-making venture might be practical (in other words, profitable) or creative (and therefore riskier). Perhaps you have a passion or expertise that might attract other people. Once you have a focus, consider the best way to represent that subject matter online.

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Become a Freelancer

Are you a gifted content producer or graphic designer? Do you have serious consulting chops? Any of these talents are highly marketable in a freelance capacity. Programming, web designing, marketing, data entry, and writing are all popular tasks that can be scooped up as a freelancer.

The best way to develop your freelancer skills is to look into freelance work marketplaces, like Fiverr and Upwork. These are massive job boards where professionals with a variety of skills can earn money by lending a hand to businesses. Many people use these services as a side hustle, whereas dedicated freelancers can make a living this way.


Work With Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is another service in which companies outsource odd jobs. Most of these opportunities involve repetitive, back-end tech tasks like tagging images, researching data details, or transcribing audio.

Your “employer” for each job will dictate the price and pay you after they’ve confirmed that the job is complete. Unfortunately, this process can take several days and occasionally workers get scammed. Check out the MTurk Crowd forum or a related subreddit for more information on ways to avoid sketchy job listings.


Start A Blog

Blogs may seem like they existed in a bubble during the mid 2000s but they continue to help people earn an income. You can build your website from scratch or use no-code software (such as Blogger and WordPress) to help you design a website within minutes. Or, you can pass on the blog itself and use the same approach with YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Any blog can make money, even if you don’t have digital or physical products to sell. All you need is a focus that you can build a community of readers around. After that, brand partnerships, affiliate links, and advertising networks become methods by which you can earn income.

Your investment in a blog will only pay off after you’ve established your niche. Since that can take a while, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re passionate about your subject matter. Google AdSense has no minimum view count requirements, so even if your blog only gets a couple of hits per day, you’ll see some revenue.

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Publish An eBook

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write and publish a book. Why not fulfill that dream while making some money? It’s never been easier or cheaper to self-publish a book, let alone sell one! Resources like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, PublishDrive, and Apple Books make it easy to sell your written work.

Self-publishing can be rewarding, but is it profitable? That all depends on your book! Picking a niche subject will help your masterpiece avoid competition, and thus gain readership. Beyond that, the royalty percentage you earn from sold copies of your book will vary, depending on your retail price and units sold.

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Become An Etsy Merchant

Etsy is an online marketplace dedicated to the selling and buying of goods. Typically, purchases revolve around handmade jewelry, custom-made clothing, collectibles, and visual art. The online platform is enormously popular and easy to use.

If you’re an artisan who enjoys making or collecting cool things, an Etsy account can turn your private passion into a profitable business. You’ll want to create a budget (factoring in packaging, stationery, and postage costs) before you decide how much your wares are worth.

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Teach English Or Translate

English speakers need nothing more than a computer, internet connection, and a TESOL / TEFL certificate in order to teach English as a second language. Certification training can take as little as six weeks. Once you’ve graduated from a recognized program, you can begin making between $10 – $40 per hour, depending on your experience level.

Speaking a second language can double your chances of making money online. Translation is an underserved skill in the business world, allowing a small percentage of freelancers to scoop up the work. If you are fluently bilingual, a wealth of translation work could be available online. Just keep in mind that companies will test your translation skills before you’re hired.


Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys were one of the early ways to earn a quick buck during the dial-up days of the internet – and they’re still popular! A variety of websites and apps continue to trade cash for surveys, although some options offer gift cards and credits instead.

Unlike the aforementioned opportunities, these surveys cannot earn you serious income. Most survey companies will only pay you upwards of $2 per hour, and that’s if your particular demographics qualify. This doesn’t dissuade people who have the time and opinions to offer, but it’s more of a pastime than a job.


Know Your Options

There are countless ways to make money online but what comes easiest will depend on your strengths. Diligent content creators won’t mind building their brand before it becomes profitable, whereas hardworking freelancers can watch their revenue accumulate via small jobs.

This article introduces a few proven methods, but it scratches the surface of the opportunities available online. Spend some time researching your options, as jobs range from becoming a virtual assistant or tutor to a social media consultant. Dream big and make money at home!

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Ryan Pratt



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