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10 Jobs That Are Perfect For Teenagers

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By Ryan Pratt

Finding a job as a teenager can feel like entering a scary, new world. From building a resume to attending job interviews, the process can be daunting. Luckily, certain professions are proven to help teens gain some financial independence.

Whether you’re seeking out work experience, or scouting opportunities for a young person, here are 10 jobs that are perfect for teenagers.

What These Jobs Have In Common

All of the jobs included below are geared toward teenagers because they meet a certain profile. For one thing, they’re part-time, so they won’t interfere in a teen’s school studies or social life. Many of these positions offer weekend or evening shifts to fit any schedule.

Secondly, these jobs require very little – and sometimes no – previous experience. Orientation and training are provided on-site. Now let’s take a look at the best jobs for teenagers.


Camp Counselor

A camp counselor is responsible for interacting with campers and keeping them safe. The role also requires leading recreational activities and encouraging campers to have fun. On average, these jobs pay $13.79 per hour.

Being a camp counselor is a fantastic job for teens, as it promotes being outgoing and active. The role is also a bridge between childhood and adulthood, as teens spend time with both campers, their parents, and camp administrators.

Shutterstock: e.backlund


Becoming a lifeguard is somewhat similar to becoming a camp counselor, since both professions advocate for safety and physical activity. Lifeguards are responsible for supervising swim areas, whether that setting is a pool, waterpark, waterfront, or surf.

Lifeguards earn an average of $14.30 per hour. In order to apply, teenagers must pass a course that evaluates their swimming ability and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. In some cases, the employer will provide this training.


Retail Sales Associate

The retail sector is a common place for teenagers to earn their first paycheck, in part because there is no shortage of job postings. Teens can look for work in retail environments that suit their interests, selling clothes, music, electronics, health food… The list goes on! On average, associates earn $14.54 per hour.

The role of a retail sales associate is primarily to help customers find and purchase products. However, teens may get additional responsibilities, such as working a cash register and managing the store’s inventory. Speaking of handling cash…

Shutterstock: Robert Kneschke


A cashier typically works in a similar retail environment but doesn’t have as many reasons to leave their register. Any store with a steady customer flow, like a supermarket, needs stationary cashiers to process sales on a continual basis.

These jobs help teens learn how to handle money in a business setting. Completing exchanges, providing refunds, and inputting discounts can provide the foundation for more challenging jobs in the future. On average, cashiers make $13.11 per hour.

Shutterstock: Dean Drobot


People of all ages can decide to be professional tutors, but it’s a particularly good field for teenagers. In fact, many parents are more likely to hire a teenager to tutor their children than an adult, because they want someone less imposing.

Teens who excel in mathematics, sciences, languages, and even coding can make a good income as a tutor. This job can also teach patience, active listening, and good communication skills. The average pay for a tutor is $24.82 per hour.

Shutterstock: granata68

Library Assistant

Teens who describe themselves as bookworms might jump at the chance to become a library assistant. This job is responsible for organizing learning materials (such as books, microfilm, slides, etc.), assigning library cards, and fielding visitors’ questions.

The library environment teaches teens other useful skills, such as customer service and cashier responsibilities. They may even score some light data entry knowledge by working with computer databases. Plus, they earn an average pay of $15.95 per hour.

Shutterstock: BearFotos


Babysitting is another very common job amongst teenagers. By supervising children and keeping them safe, teens learn responsibilities that will reward them in later jobs. Opportunities in “pet sitting” may also be available for animal-lovers!

In most circumstances, teens can be hired without any prior experience. However, those who have taken a childcare course or been certified in CPR will have a significant advantage. On average, babysitters make $14.62 per hour.

Baby Pacifiers on CashShutterstock

Daycare Assistant

Teens who’ve already been babysitting for a few years might wish to formalize their supervising skills by becoming a daycare assistant. Duties include guiding children through the routines of eating, resting, playing, and using the washroom.

A degree is not needed to become a daycare assistant, although applicants should have their childcare and CPR certifications in order. In many cases, a high school diploma is all teens need to get started. On average, daycare assistants earn $14.16 per hour.

Shutterstock: Tyler Olson

Web Designer

Tech-savvy teens might be able to turn their passion into a paycheck by becoming a web designer. There are many opportunities to work with web developers, either creating new layouts or improving the appearance of current web pages. The hourly pay rate tends to average around $25.53, but teens would likely start around $16 per hour.

Many employers look for a degree or a certificate in web design. For teens who have honed their skills from a young age, however, showing off work they’ve done could lead to opportunities or apprenticeships. Plus, the formal experience could be a stepping stone to opening a freelancer business of their own!


Restaurant Server

Teens who enjoy being social might thrive in the role of a restaurant server. Important duties include greeting customers, arranging tables, and sharing information about the menu. However, customer service is the most essential quality for any prospective server.

Being friendly and accountable won’t only earn you a wage – on average, about $15.86 per hour – it’ll also earn you tips! This is a perk that most other jobs on this list do not feature. An hourly wage, plus a steady influx of tips, could inspire teens to be the friendliest version of themselves!


A Wealth Of Experience

For many teens, the incentive to get a job is strictly financial. However, the true value of these jobs is much greater than the money it puts into their pockets.

These jobs not only offer teens the opportunity to interact with the public, but they also invite teens to develop skills in a particular work setting. As a result, they learn to take initiative, develop talents, and become accountable. These humble jobs can create better humans.


Ryan Pratt



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