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Is Homeowner’s Insurance Tax Deductible?

Whenever tax time rolls around, a lot of people start asking “is homeowner’s insurance tax deductible?” The simple answer is no. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance is not tax deductible and is generally left off your tax return. On the other hand, many people actually are legally taking this tax deduction. In fact, you may […]

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Condo-HO6-Insurance Home Insurance

What is HO6 Insurance and How Does it Work?

Do you ever wonder why insurance companies invent so many different names for essentially the same thing? Take H06 insurance, for example. It’s sometimes called walls-in coverage. Others just simply call it condo insurance. Whatever you call it, it’s all the same thing. An HO6 insurance policy is basically homeowner’s insurance for condo owners. Condo […]

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Home Insurance Protections Home Insurance

The Best Home Insurance Plans for 2020

It’s been a year that’s felt like a chaos-ridden manifestation of the adage “when it rains, it pours.” Hopefully, stressing about your home insurance coverage will be the least of your worries. In fact, we could all use a little insurance here and there in our lives. If you’re unsure about your home insurance plan, […]

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