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A List Of The Top 5 Financial Advisor Firms Is Out – See Who Topped The List

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By Ryan Pratt

Financial advisory firms aren’t just for the super wealthy. In fact, they’re ideal for anyone who wants to make changes to their finances, avoid tax headaches, or wisely manage their assets.

It’s a relief to have a successful advisor in your corner. However, finding the best option can be a challenge when there are so many firms to choose from. Let’s take a look at the top-rated financial advisory firms and how a financial advisor can help you.

Why Are These The Best?

When it comes to your finances, only the best will do. So let’s simplify your search by focusing on the financial advisory firms which are roundly celebrated. But what makes these firms so great? In short, they have hard-earned reputations for delivering positive returns to investors.

By working hard to consistently reward their client’s loyalty, these firms have expanded to serve even more investors. They offer mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, as well as tax planning and investment management. The best advisory firms are so powerful because they’re a “one-stop-shop” for anyone who wishes to better manage their assets.


Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

Vanguard has always been fair with its investors when it comes to fees, and Vanguard Personal Advisor Services is adhering to that tradition as well. For unlimited access to its advisors, they charge only 0.30 percent of assets under management with an account minimum of $50,000.

The only real downside is that investors must move all of their outside assets to Vanguard. While this rule may unnerve some potential clients, it’s helpful to remember that Vanguard is owned by their clients. This creates a reciprocal relationship in which the investor and the firm make money together. You wouldn’t have to worry about commission or underhanded techniques with Vanguard.


Fidelity Investments

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of Fidelity Investments, a whole lot of loyalty (or yes, fidelity) from its customers. The firm, which manages nearly $4.2 trillion in assets, enjoys enormous client satisfaction and online support.

It should come as no surprise that the firm got started in the brokerage and mutual fund arena, since it continues to offer some of the most competitive no-transaction-fee mutual funds around. Their highly respected mobile platform and educational resources are available for investors of every level, making it clear why Fidelity Investments customers are a happy bunch.


J.P. Morgan Asset Management

As one of the four top banks in the U.S., J.P. Morgan serves some of the nation’s wealthiest and poorest families. As a result, the international firm is capable of providing strategies that see every angle of the global, national and even local economy.

This heavyweight reputation naturally extends to J.P. Morgan Asset Management, which offers everything from guidance on retirement plans to philanthropy. Plus, its business advisors are committed to providing scalable expertise and solutions to all levels of business, from humble startups to massive corporations.

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Facet Wealth

If you’re looking for a hands-on financial advisor, Facet Wealth might be the best candidate to tackle your to-do list. The full-service planning package starts at $2,000 per year for financial guidance that is customized to your specific needs. Plus, there’s no separate fee for investment management.

While your investments are overseen by a dedicated Certified Financial Planner, the whole enterprise is virtual. This means you can book meetings (via phone or video call) but there’s no in-person option. That limitation may be a dealbreaker, given that Facet Wealth attracts investors with a lot of capital.


Harness Wealth

Harness Wealth isn’t a financial advisory firm, unlike the aforementioned companies. Rather, it’s like an intermediary that matches customers with appropriate firms. The plus side to Harness Wealth is that it takes responsibility for pairing your investments with the right firm. It also ensures a smooth onboarding process as you learn about your financial options.

The platform prides itself on a rigorous screening process, which involves personally interviewing each firm they partner with. While advisors charge a 1 percent management fee, their fully vetted firms may charge their own fees, which aren’t necessarily upfront.

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A Financial Advisor Can Help You

Needless to say, there are many other financial advisory firms to choose from. The key to thinning the herd and finding the right firm is to evaluate your chief fiscal needs. Any successful company has at least one particular strength, whether it’s low fees, security, customer service and responsiveness, or expertise. Which is most important to you?

Regardless of your assets and plans, a financial advisor can help you take the next step toward growth and security. Reach out to an advisory firm and find out how much their services cost, as well as any other fees. After a diligent search, you’ll have a world-class firm guiding your financial future.

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Ryan Pratt



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