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Laurie L. Dove is an award-winning journalist who covers timely topics for HowStuffWorks. She is the author of six books and the former owner of a newspaper and magazine. When not reporting on the latest tech breakthrough, health advance or economic development, Dove is tracking down hidden history, science innovations and biologic discoveries. As the Honorable Laurie Dove, Mayor, she has brought multi-million-dollar improvements to the small Midwest town where she lives with her husband, five children and two Akitas.

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It started out as happily ever after, but after a while the weight of daily life — unchanged toilet paper rolls, time-sucking commutes, unresolved injuries — began to crush your once-blissful couplehood. Frustrated, but not ready to call it quits, separating seemed like a natural solution. You both know there are still many questions to be answered, […]

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