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How To Get The Best Deal On Phone and Internet For Your Business

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By Ryan Pratt

Businesses rely heavily on robust phone and internet services. To ensure seamless operations, it’s vital to negotiate the best deals for these services. However, many businesses are unsure how to select a trustworthy and cost-effective provider.

By understanding the needs of your business, conducting thorough research, and negotiating effectively, you can secure an affordable and robust communications package. Start a search today to learn how to get the best deal on phone and internet for your business.

Understanding Your Business Needs

Before you start shopping for phone and internet services, take time to understand your business needs. Every business is unique, with distinct communication requirements. Some businesses may prioritize high-speed internet, while others may need advanced phone features.

Assess your daily operations to identify what you need. This includes the number of phone lines, the required internet speed, and the necessary features like video conferencing, mobile services, or virtual private networks (VPNs).

Conducting Thorough Market Research

The next step is researching the market. Numerous service providers offer different packages at varying prices. Don’t settle for the first provider you find. Rather, check out several companies, compare their prices and packages, and read reviews.

The following providers are known to offer affordable and customizable phone and internet packages for businesses:

  • AT&T offers a range of packages and often runs promotional discounts for new business customers.
  • Comcast’s business services offer scalable solutions that can be cost-effective, particularly for smaller businesses.
  • Verizon provides basic and advanced plans at competitive rates.

Make sure to consider the reputation and reliability of the providers. It’s also beneficial to look at their customer service history, as this can be a deciding factor if you ever need support.

Negotiate and Evaluate Contract Terms

Negotiating for the best deal is an important skill. Start by clearly stating your business needs and your budget. Be open to different offers, but also be prepared to walk away if the deal doesn’t meet your requirements. Always ask for a better price or added value in services. Remember, service providers are often willing to negotiate to secure or retain a customer.

However, before you sign any contract, thoroughly review the terms. Check for hidden fees, contract length, and terms of service cancellation. It’s essential to know what you’re committing to. If there are terms you don’t understand, consult a legal professional. Make sure the contract includes any negotiated terms and discounts.

Investing in Future-Proof Services

As technology advances, so do the needs of businesses. Investing in future-proof services, like fiber-optic internet or VoIP phone systems, can save money in the long run.

These technologies offer scalability and flexibility, allowing you to adjust as your business grows or needs change. Initially, they may be more expensive, but their durability and adaptability can lead to cost savings over time.

Leveraging Existing Relationships

If you have an existing relationship with a service provider, leverage it. Providers often offer discounts to loyal customers or those with multiple services.

While you’re at it, ask about loyalty discounts or business customer deals. Your history with the provider can be a valuable negotiation tool – don’t ignore it!

Monitoring Your Service Usage

After securing a good deal, continue to monitor your service usage. Keep track of your internet speed and phone service quality.

If there are consistent issues, it may be time to renegotiate or switch providers. Regularly reviewing your needs and the services you’re receiving helps ensure you’re getting the best value.

Affordable Bundle Packages

Many providers offer bundle packages, combining phone and internet services. These packages can be cost-effective and convenient.

As with all bundled deals, it’s crucial to evaluate the overall package to ensure it aligns with your business’s specific needs and budget. The last thing you want to do is pay for unnecessary services! Compare the cost of the bundle with individual services to confirm you’re getting a good deal.

Spectrum – Business Internet Ultra Bundle

Spectrum offers an enticing promotion tailored to the needs of small businesses. This deal is especially advantageous for companies with 20 employees or less.

The Business Internet Ultra package, priced at $49.99 per month for 12 months when bundled, is designed to support operations such as e-commerce and cloud-based applications. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that rely heavily on online transactions and cloud services for their daily operations.

Verizon – Fios Bundle

Verizon presents a compelling offer for businesses seeking a harmonious blend of high-speed internet, dependable service, and superior support.

Their business internet bundles begin at a competitive price of $69.00, providing access to their highly regarded fiber plans, known as Fios. These plans provide near-gigabit connection speeds, promising rapid data transfer, smoother video conferencing, and efficient cloud-based operations.

Frontier – Budget Bundle

Frontier emerges as a viable budget-friendly option for businesses keen on cost-effective high-speed internet. With plans starting at a modest $54.99 per month, Frontier offers affordable high-speed plans that don’t compromise on performance. They’re even offering eligible customers a bonus $300 gift cards for some plans.

They can provide fiber plans with symmetric speeds, ensuring equally fast upload and download rates, which can be crucial for businesses heavily relying on cloud-based services or data transfers.

High-Quality Services For Your Budget

Getting the best deal on phone and internet services for your business requires careful planning, research, and negotiation. By conducting thorough market research, considering bundle packages, and keeping an eye on your service usage, you can secure the best deal possible.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to get the lowest price, but also to secure reliable, high-quality services that meet your business’s unique needs. If you can balance those two desires, you can effectively boost your communications technology while minding your budget.

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Ryan Pratt



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