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5 Exercise Apps For Seniors Looking To Stay Active or Lose Weight

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By Christopher Brown

As we age, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight becomes increasingly important. For seniors looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle or shed a few extra pounds, technology has made it easier than ever to find low-impact exercise programs that cater specifically to older adults. With a variety of exercise apps on the market, seniors can now access tailored workouts and fitness plans at their fingertips. It’s time to explore the top exercise apps for active seniors just like you. Start a search today to find low-impact exercises, apps, and more!

SilverSneakers GO

SilverSneakers GO is a fantastic app designed specifically for seniors, offering a wide range of low-impact exercises that cater to all fitness levels. With hundreds of guided workouts, this app focuses on strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercises that are perfect for older adults looking to stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

The app includes instructional videos, workout tracking, and progress monitoring, making it easy for seniors to stay on track and achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, SilverSneakers GO provides access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals, allowing seniors to connect and share their experiences. SilverSneakers GO is available for free if your health plan includes a SilverSneakers membership.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga offers a comprehensive yoga experience featuring over 100 guided yoga and meditation classes, making it ideal for seniors looking to explore a new low-impact exercise experience. The app features yoga classes that target specific needs, such as improving balance, flexibility, or strength, which can be especially helpful for older adults.

With multiple difficulty levels and session durations, seniors can customize their workouts based on their fitness levels and available time. Daily Yoga offers a 7-day free trial, and subscription plans start at $20.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout app offers a collection of low-impact, full-body exercises that are ideal for seniors who are short on time or new to exercising. The app’s workouts are based on high-intensity circuit training, which can help improve cardiovascular health and burn calories efficiently.

It’s user-friendly and includes video demonstrations, voice guidance, and workout logs, making it easy for seniors to stay on track and progress in their fitness journey. Users can also customize their workouts by selecting exercises that suit their preferences and needs.

The 7 Minute Workout app is available for free with in-app purchases. The pro version, which includes additional features and workouts, costs $4.99.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium offers personalized, guided workouts tailored to individual fitness levels, making it an excellent choice. The app includes a variety of workouts, ranging from walking and stretching to strength training and balance exercises.

Fitbit Premium delivers premium content from some of the biggest names in the industry, like Calm, Les Mills, Popsugar and more. The app also provides users with step-by-step coaching, detailed exercise instructions, healthy meal ideas, and video demonstrations.

You can download and try the app for free, though content is limited. Fortunately they offer a 90-day free trial. Otherwise, Fitbit Premium subscription for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Tai Chi at Home

Tai Chi at Home is an app that focuses on the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, known for its gentle, flowing movements and numerous health benefits. The app lets seniors learn Tai Chi at their own pace, and features hours of lessons designed to improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

Seniors can start with short exercises that can be done at their desk, or deepen their practice by mastering the various moves of the legendary White Crane tai chi form. Access to the entire Tai Chi at Home library can be yours for $15.59 a month of $95.99 a year.

Get Your Sweat On

Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for seniors, and with the help of these five exercise apps, older adults can easily access low-impact workouts tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re looking for guided yoga sessions, quick workouts, or gentle Tai Chi routines, these apps offer a variety of enjoyable options to help you stay motivated.

As you continue to explore the world of exercise apps for seniors, remember that consistency and enjoyment are key to long-term success. So stick with it, have fun, and search online to explore more helpful health-living resources and recommendations.

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Christopher Brown



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