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The Best States For Seniors To Retire In

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By WalletGenius Staff

Since retirement is something you work towards your entire adult life, you should make sure it’s enjoyable when the time comes. There are many choices you need to make as a senior that will influence your lifestyle post-career. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is where you want to live. As a retiree, you want to live somewhere that has lots to do, nice weather, and good healthcare. You also want to keep in mind the places you can afford on a limited income. Living expenses, real estate prices, and tax implications can vary from state to state. Here are some of the best states that are great for retirees. Consider settling down in one of these beautiful locations once you leave the workforce for good.


Most Attractive Quality For Retirees: Affordable living

One of the most popular destinations for retirement is Florida. From up north in Jacksonville all the way to Miami down south, there are plenty of cities you can choose to settle down in. It offers warm and tropical weather all year round, with no shortage of beaches.

Part of the attraction seniors have towards Florida is the cost of living. For seniors who might want to work a part-time job to keep themselves busy, the state doesn’t impose income taxes on residents or have tax pensions. It was named number one on AARP’s affordability for retirement states, making it a realistic choice for retirees hoping to make the most of their dollar.

Here are cities that are considered the best places to retire in Florida.

  • Clearwater
  • St. Petersburg
  • Pompano Beach

While major cities in Florida are senior friendly, there are plenty of bustling retirement communities to consider. You’ll meet plenty of other seniors, have access to amenities and have better access to assisted care facilities.


Most Attractive Quality For Retirees: Health care, quality of life

Although Minnesota is more expensive compared to other states, it’s highly rated on Wallethub’s list of best places to retire. It scored the number one rating for health care and overall quality life, which are really important for seniors as they grow older. In fact, AARP considers it one of the healthiest states for adults over the age of 65.

Here are a few retirement cities in Minnesota to consider:

  • Rochester
  • Minneapolis
  • St. Paul

It also has one of the mosttheaters per capita compared to most states, making it a suitable option for seniors looking for entertainment in retirement. Seniors can enjoy snowy winters, warm summers and plenty of outdoor recreation all year round.


Most Attractive Quality For Retirees: Health care

If you want to retire in nature, the Colorado Rockies might be the perfect place. There are trails and national parks to surround yourself in nature allowing for scenic walks or bike rides. It’s also highly acclaimed on Bankrate’s retirement list for health care and quality of life.

These factors play a big role in the number of retirees heading to this western state. In fact, seniors contribute an estimated $4.78 billion into the economy. This means you’ll be able to find like-minded seniors to socialize with and keep you busy.

Some of the best retirement cities in Colorado are:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Lakewood

There are also plenty of bordering towns from these major cities. That way, seniors can enjoy a quieter lifestyle while still being able to enjoy the perks a lively city has to offer.


Most Attractive Quality For Retirees: Affordable living, low in-home service costs

Located in the southeast of the U.S., Alabama peaks at number one for affordable living on Wallethub’s list of retirement cities. Not only does the state have some of the cheapest property taxes, but social security and retirement home are not taxed at all.

It’s helpful to know that in-home services a senior might need are affordable. The low costs can ensure you’re able to get the help you need without emptying your wallet.

Some lively cities to retire in Alabama include:

  • Huntsville
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery

These booming cities will definitely keep seniors busy, but there are tons of charming small towns in the state that can offer them a more low-key lifestyle. The state has plenty of museums and attractions, allowing for travel opportunities without having to go to the airport.

Decide What’s Most Important For You In Retirement

With so many places to choose from, start by deciding which qualities are the most important to your desired retirement lifestyle.

An easy way to start is thinking about the weather you’ll want to endure. If you want sunny skies almost everyday, somewhere in Florida makes sense. But if you want somewhere that offers four different seasons, maybe Colorado is better for you.

Do your research on communities and consider important factors that can affect your golden years. This includes the cost of living, access to health care, transportation and leisure activities available for you to sign up for. Deciding where to retire is a big decision, and it’s worth taking the time to decide what place will give you the best quality of life.

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WalletGenius Staff


This article was worked on by a number of the WalletGenius staff, including freelancers, full-time writers, and editors.


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