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Auto Special Offers for First Responders

4 minute read

By Chelsea Dolan

It would be a mistake not to look for every possible discount available when buying a new car. Dealerships often have incentives aimed at certain customers that you may not even realize exist. One group of people that can take advantage of special offers are first responders and members of the military. Major carmakers provide incentives to those working in the field and all you’ll need to do is to prove your employment to reap the benefits. You can discover which automakers provide discounts for first responders with a search online.

Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders can save hundreds of dollars on a new car. Simply start a search online to find out if you qualify for an offer.

Here are special offers available to first responders.

Car Brand Offers


Members of the military, as well as their spouse and children, can get $500 cash towards a new 2021 and 2022 Mazda vehicle. Even better, the cash can be combined with public offers.

This incentive is available for active and veterans of the:

  • U.S. Air Force;
  • Army;
  • Navy;
  • Marines;
  • National Guard;
  • Space Force, and;
  • Coast Guard.


Active firefighters, police, EMTs, paramedics, and 911 dispatchers can receive a $1,000 allowance towards the lease of certain GM vehicles. This offer comes from the GM First Responder Allowance Program.

Qualifying vehicles under this offer include the 2022 Cadillac XT4, XT5, and XT6.


Looking to drive a new Chevrolet vehicle? The carmaker offers $500 bonus cash to eligible first responders. This includes firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, 911 dispatcher, and healthcare professionals.

Better yet, you can also score zero percent APR on most 2021 and 2022 Chevy vehicles.


Military personnel, retirees, and veterans within two years of their discharge date qualify for a $500 military rebate from Toyota. This incentive can be used towards the down payment of a new vehicle or help pay for the cost of a lease.

Honda and Acura

Honda is offering eligible first responders and healthcare professionals a $500 discount on new vehicles. Additionally, they are offering a $750 discount on new Acura vehicles. The eligible models must be financed or leased directly through Honda Financial Services or Acura Financial Services.

Ford and Lincoln

Thanks to the Saluting Those Who Serve program, military and first responders can receive $500 bonus cash on the purchase or lease of new Ford and Lincoln models. To qualify, you’ll have to register on the website and have your credentials approved.


Another carmaker that offers discounts to military members is Subaru. You can save $500 on the price of a new vehicle. Further savings can also be applied if the dealership has public savings events or incentives.


If you’re a member of the military, then you could get up to $750 towards a new Mitsubishi vehicle. This discount is available to active duty, active reserve, retired, or veterans within 12 month of separation from the U.S. military.

Qualifying customers may also combine this incentive with Loyalty Rebate or Conquest Rebate when offered.


Both current and former members of the military can receive between $500 and $1,000 off a new car. The Nissan Military Program is available to active service members, retirees, and vets within two years of their discharge date. Furthermore, this incentive can be combined with public savings events.


Another carmaker offering discounts to first responders is Hyundai. The carmaker is offering a $500 bonus towards the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. You can find out which models are available through this incentive by talking to a participating Hyundai dealer. This offer is open until January 2, 2023.


One of the highest discounts available to members of the military is from Lexus. Eligible members of the U.S. armed forces can receive a discount of $1,000 when leasing or purchasing a new vehicle. This discount is also offered to Gold Star families and household members.


If you’re in the market for a new Volkswagon vehicle, then check out this $500 bonus offer. It’s available when leasing or buying select vehicles for qualified first responders and members of the five military branches.


Volvo is offering first responders a $500 bonus incentive on the purchase or lease of a new Volvo vehicle. Qualifying individuals must be currently active members of an eligible First Responder Association. Some vehicles available with this cash offer include the 2022 Volvo S70, V90, and XC40.

Additionally, Volvo has an offer for soldiers deployed overseas. The military sales program gives you a discount on a vehicle and will deliver the vehicle to a location near your overseas base. You will also receive three years of free service and free shipping to the U.S. for five years from the purchase date.


To honor the work first responders do each day, Jeep is offering a noteworthy bonus cash offer of $500. This offer is available on select 2021 and 2022 vehicles. To confirm eligibility, law enforcement, EMTs, and firefighters will need to submit some basic information to Jeep. Some of the vehicles eligible under this incentive include the 2022 Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and more.

More Ways to Save

Aside from cash bonus incentives, there are some other ways first responders can save money on their purchase. U.S. News reports that some financial institutions can score members of the military a lower rate on car loans. Many credit unions have branches located on military bases and some even exist solely to serve servicemen and women.

Another pricey part of car ownership is insurance. Military members can save money on insurance by signing up for USAA, which is one of the best ranked insurance companies from the U.S. News. Other first responders such as firefighters, police, and EMTs may be able to save on their insurance as they are considered good insurance risks for companies.

If you’re a military member or first responder, find out if there are any discounts available to you. Searching online will help you discover automakers and dealerships that have discounts for certain professionals. You can apply online and have incentives applied to the cost of your new vehicle.


Chelsea is a writer based in Toronto. She covers a little bit of everything including finance, health, shopping, lifestyle, and more.


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