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15 Black Friday Deals Seniors Are Going to Line Up For

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By WalletGenius Staff

Black Friday deals are often some of the best of the year. And despite big discounts on trendy new electronics and children’s toys, there’s plenty of sales for the older crowd too. If you’re a senior who is wondering how to make the most of the biggest shopping weekend of the year, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re lining up at a store (please do so safely!) or getting your mouse button ready to smash “refresh” on your web browser, we’ve highlighted 15 Black Friday deals that senior citizens should be keeping a close eye on.

[Disclaimer: We may receive a commission or other compensation from sales made via the links in this article.]

iRobot Roomba e6

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to robot vacuums. You can spend anywhere from $100 for a basic model or close to $1,000 for a top-of-the-line version. However, we recommend this middle-of-the-pack model from iRobot. This version is Wifi enabled, great for any house with pets, works with voice commands via Google assistant or Alexa, and runs up to 90 minutes on a single battery charge. It will also automatically dock itself and recharge. Even better is the $150 you’ll save off the regular price.

Buy it now from Walmart for just $299!

iRobot Roomba e6Source: Walmart

Cricut Explore Air 2

If you’re into scrapbooking, the Cricut is a must-have. It’s also great if you simply enjoy doing crafts with the grandkids. The Cricut will flawlessly cut out shapes, letters, and patterns to add a professional look to any of your DIY projects. The machine itself it on sale, but so is a bundle that includes a handful of useful accessories.

Buy it at Walmart for $179 (Original price $249)

Cricut Explore Air 2Source: Walmart

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

When it comes to traditional over-the-ear headphones, Bose is still king. If you’re not into adopting those easy-to-misplace Apple Airpods, check out these QuietComfort 35 II from Bose. They are still wireless, feature great noise cancellation, and come in both black and white. Great for plane rides or just using to escape reality around the house.

Buy them from Best Buy for just $199 (original price $299)

Bose QuietComfort HeadphonesSource: Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

If you’ve been itching a tablet, but don’t want to pay the Apple Tax for a new iPad, we have a solution. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is a great little tablet for a fraction of the price. This 9.6″ touchscreen device runs Android, meaning you can use all the same apps as an iPad would. It comes with 16GB of storage, but you can expand it with an SD card. It has dual cameras for video conferencing and built-in GPS.

Get it from Best Buy for just $129 (originally $199)

Samsung Galaxy Tab ESource: Best Buy

Amazon Echo Show

Maybe you don’t need a whole tablet, but would love to be able to make video calls with your family. For that, try the Amazon Echo Show. With an eight-inch HD screen, this nifty little device can make calls, set alarms or timers, check the weather, or display your favorite photos.

Best Buy has it for almost half price — $64.99

Amazon Echo ShowSource: Best Buy

Hook and Albert Suitcase

For most of us, 2020 was a year that saw travel plans get postponed, cancelled, and fired into the sun with a high-powered cannon. Yes, it was depressing. However, we’re trying to be optimistic about everyone returning to their jet-setting ways in the near future. When the time comes, this Hook and Albert suitcase is exactly what you need. This 22″ case features durable wheels and a telescopic handle.

Buy it now for $299.99 (originally $539.99)

Hook and Albert SuitcaseSource: Best Buy

Waterpik Ultra Flosser

This Waterpik flosser will bring the dentist into your home. Featuring six different tip styles and ten different pressure settings, using a water flosser will change your life. Your teeth will feel cleaner than ever. This product is especially useful if you have sensitive gums or dental appliances.

Get it from Best Buy for $55.99 (originally $69.99)

Waterpik Ultra FlosserSource: Best Buy

Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Dyson is recognized as making some of the best products for your home. Their vacuums are incredible, but so is their “bladeless fan” technology. This Pure Cool Tower also doubles as an air purifier, giving your twice the usefulness. This fan oscillates 50-degrees and filters out 99.97% of air pollutants with a  HEPA filter. A handy remote control  is included too.

Get it from Best Buy for $279.99 (originally $399.99)

Dyson Pure Cool TowerSource: Best Buy

Hyperice Massage Device

This cordless massager is great for sore muscles or stiff backs. With a rechargeable battery, the Hyperice comes with four replaceable head attachments and works for up to three hours on a single charge. Perfect for warming up before exercise or for recovery afterwards.

Currently on sale at Best Buy for $279 (originally $349)

Hyperice Massage DeviceSource: Best Buy

Amazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote

If you’re not willing to spend money upgrading your old flatscreen to a Smart TV, this is the product you need. The Amazon Fire Stick turns your “dumb” TV into an internet-connected media buffet. You’ll be able to access your Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV, and Prime Video subscriptions (plus many more). There’s also free TV via IMDB TV, Tubi, and Pluto TV. You can also stream music via Spotify. This version comes with a handy remote, which included voice controls.

Get it for just $27.99 (originally $39.99)

Amazon Fire Stick with Voice RemoteSource: Best Buy

Elaina Area Rug

Sometimes the best way to give a room a new look is a simple area rug. These Elaina rugs from Wayfair come in multiple colors and sizes, so you can pick the one that best suits your space. The smallest ones are 47% off, but the larger versions are up to 66% off. There are also round versions, if you prefer.

Buy it on Wayfair for less than $100.

Elaina Area RugSource: Wayfair

Keyser Five Piece Outdoor Sectional

If you live somewhere that stays warm all year round, it might be time for new patio furniture. Check out this elegant wicker outdoor sectional from Wayfair. It includes Sunbrella cushions (and the table) and is available in a variety of colors. Wayfair will also ship it to you for free!

Buy it now for $1,779.99 (originally $4,095)

Keyser Five Piece Outdoor SectionalSource: Wayfair

Blackout Curtains

Get a better night’s sleep with blackout curtains. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these NICETOWN curtains will block out more sunlight while you’re trying to get some rest. Best of all, they are simply machine washable when they need cleaning. They are anywhere from 10%-to-33% off, depending on what size and color you’re looking for.

Buy it now from Amazon

Blackout CurtainsSource: Amazon

Electronic Candles

We hate to break it to you, but real candles can be super dangerous. Hundreds of house fires start every year due to candle accidents. If you love the atmosphere candles create, but don’t want to worry about falling asleep before you blow them out, just go electric. This set of nine battery-operated candles is made with real wax and looks just the real thing — without the danger. It also has a remote to control all nine candles.

Buy it on Amazon for $21.99

Electronic CandlesSource: Amazon

GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead car battery in the dead of winter. Arm yourself with this GOOLOO portable jump starter. It stays charged for more than three months, meaning you won’t have to worry about it every week. You can also use it to power up laptops, cell phones, or whatever else needs some juice.

Buy it on Amazon for $59.99 (originally $80.99).

GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump StarterSource: Amazon

WalletGenius Staff


This article was worked on by a number of the WalletGenius staff, including freelancers, full-time writers, and editors.


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