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Motorcycle Insurance For New Riders: The Best Coverage and Companies

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Cora Walker

By Cora Walker

Say what you will about the risks, there are some benefits to riding a motorcycle. Motorbikes get better gas mileage. They are smaller, which means they are easier to park. Repairs, licensing, and taxes are all cheaper. Motorcycle insurance, even for new riders, costs much less than car insurance. Premiums can go as low as $40 a month. However, you still need to think about motorcycle insurance. Especially if you are a new rider. While you can save on your premium compared to car insurance, you can’t skip out on it completely.

In fact, 47 of 50 states legally require you to have motorcycle insurance. This is in line with the requirements for other motorized vehicles, and even if the law lets you get by without it, it’s a bad idea. Even if you or someone else isn’t seriously hurt in a wreck, you could use up all the money you’re saving on a motorcycle overnight if your bike gets totaled and you don’t have insurance to help pay it off.

So, acknowledging that having motorcycle insurance is about as good of an idea as wearing your helmet and protective gear (which you should also be doing), what is the best option for you right now? There are a lot of different contract options to choose from that can be difficult for new riders to navigate. This is especially tricky since — as with car insurance — insurance companies often give breaks to more experienced riders.

Here are the top motorcycle insurance options for new riders.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Provides Options for New Riders

Progressive gives itself the title of #1 motorcycle insurance company, and they have some clout to back that up. Not only are they a major insurance brand overall, they have options for all kinds of riders. Whether you use your motorcycle for transportation or you’re an avid collector of classic or custom bikes, Progressive has different levels of coverage depending on what you need. With an easy quote process and loyalty rewards, Progressive is a solid choice for new riders with options that can grow with you as you become more experienced.

GEICO: A Reliable National Standby

You knew the green gecko was going to show up on this list sooner or later, right? There’s good reason for that. GEICO is one of the top insurance brands in the country for all kinds of plans, helping you affordably protect the things you care about most with world-class customer service. They offer everything a motorcyclist could need: they insure accessories, provide collision insurance, cover the unfortunate trio of fire/theft/vandalism, and have Bodily Injury Liability Coverage for others.

GEICO also comes with an amazing suite of discounts that new riders can take advantage of. This includes a transfer discount, as well as savings for enrolling in motorcycle safety courses. They also provide 24/7 support. This makes it easy to file a claim whenever you may need to.

Harley-Davidson Understands Motorcyclists’ Needs

Sometimes an insurance specialist is a better option than a generalist. That’s where Harley-Davidson’s branded motorcycle insurance option comes in. You don’t need to own a Harley to sign up. They also have extremely competitive prices and customer support. Harley-Davidson’s entire business is motorcycles and their insurance is finely tailored to the needs of you and your bike. They have all of the coverage you would expect, with options to insure your safety equipment as well as your other accessories.

They also have options for extended services such as: GAP insurance, coverage for your tire replacements, parts, and more.

Markel is a Great Motorcycle Insurance Option

A smaller insurer with coverage in fewer states, Markel has a quality motorcycle insurance program and great rates. They provide all the standard coverage plans, as well as discounts for taking safety courses, having a bike with anti-lock breaks, and an accident forgiveness program. Markel also provides safe driving discounts, meaning new riders have even more incentives to be careful.

While Markel is not available in every state and does not allow you to bundle a bike and a car together in one plan, it’s a great choice if your sole source of transportation is your bike. Their rates can also vary from state to state, but definitely keep them in mind when you’re looking for a quote.

The Bottom Line

Finding motorcycle insurance as a new rider can be intimidating. You want to make the most out of the savings you’re getting from having a motorcycle in the first place. It’s also necessary to find an insurer that will be sensitive to your experience level, as well as reward you for being safe. Even though it is possible to go without insurance in three states, it is still important to purchase. We do not recommend operating your motorcycle or car uninsured for any reason, but it’s important to find the option that fits your budget and lifestyle best.

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Cora Walker


Cora is a Northwest-based writer and editor who wants to make information as accessible as possible in the internet age. Video games are this writer’s primary vice. With a degree from the University of Washington as well as 5+ years of experience in web writing and publishing, Cora is here to share financial tips from experts and talk about good habits.


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