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Which Are The Top Ranked Gutter Cleaning Services Of 2023?

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By Ryan Pratt

Many homeowners hope they can get away with not maintaining their gutters. Unfortunately, those people often wind up regretting their indifference once they end up with costly property damages!

If it has been a while since you had your gutters cleaned, there’s no time like the present. Let’s look at the top ranked gutter cleaning services of 2023 – and why you don’t want to put it off any longer.

Why Is It Important?

When gutters get clogged up, water is unable to divert away from your home and instead spills over the sides of your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage, foundation erosion, mold growth, and pest infestations. It can also result in wet basements and ice dams during the winter.

Keeping your gutters clean ensures proper drainage and protects your home from expensive water damage. This maintenance, which is optimally done once or twice per year, also protects the value of your property. If you want to make sure the job is done well, here are professional services that leave no gutter unchecked.

Window Genie

Although Window Genie specializes in maintaining residential and commercial windows, they have developed an equally impressive reputation for gutter cleaning. The company operates in over 30 U.S. states, providing semi-annual and annual cleanings. They also offer year-round customers a discount for their range of services.

A big reason Window Genie lands on this list is because they have so many locations throughout the country. Unfortunately, all of those locations charge different fees for their gutter cleaning, which explains why they don’t offer any prices on their website.

Men In Kilts

Yes, they actually wear kilts on the job. If that doesn’t pique your interest, the company’s reputation might, as Men In Kilts are renowned for excellent gutter cleaning and customer satisfaction. Just don’t let their traditional, Scottish garb fool you, as they’re on the cutting edge of the industry.

The company uses a range of high-tech equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to get your gutters in pristine shape. Men In Kilts use gutter vacuums to remove debris from hard-to-reach areas, while their high-definition gutter cameras make sure that no hazards are missed. Plus, their website offers interactive before-and-after photos and contact information to obtain a free estimate.

Window Gang

As the recipient of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Window Gang has over 30 years worth of experience servicing windows, chimneys, and gutters. And their experience shows. They use ladder stabilizers that attach to your roof, rather than lean on your gutters, thereby eliminating any potential damage to your home.

A gutter cleaning from Window Gang can vary depending on the size of the home and the amount of debris in your gutters. A few clicks on their website can reveal their nearest location. You can also get a quote for your property, provided you submit the square footage of your home.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

What sets this company apart from the aforementioned brands is right in their name: these guys only do gutters. If you’re looking for a team that truly specializes (and makes their living) on gutters, then look no further! This company does it all, from gutter installation to replacement and cleaning.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters have a keen eye for potential water damage, and focus as much on the downspouts and outlets as the gutters themselves. They also don’t put much faith in modern technology when it comes to gutters, preferring to stick with the glove-and-bucket approach.

Plus, you can trust all customer reviews, as the family-run company has made a promise to publish both positive and negative comments as a means of staying accountable.

Gutter Cleaning Costs

As you’ve no doubt noticed, these companies don’t offer flat rates for their gutter cleaning services. This is because prices vary depending on the size of the home. On average, a gutter cleaning will cost between $70 and $100.

However, that price jumps in accordance with how many linear feet the company has to service. Two-story homes average between $95 and $225, while any home three-stories or more will cost between $170 and $425 to clean.

It’s Worth It

Gutter cleaning companies thrive on word of mouth and customer loyalty. Much of their business orbits around repeat customers, which explains why they work diligently to make sure your gutters are in excellent health.

Given the sudden expenses that can arise if you ignore your gutters, the value of hiring a trusted gutter cleaning professional is high. Plus, most of these companies offer discounts for semi-annual and annual service, which can save you even more.

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Ryan Pratt



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