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Here Are The Top POS Software Systems In The US In 2023

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By Christopher Brown

You can own the busiest store on the main strip, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a reliable means of processing payments. POS software systems are the lifeblood of many large and small businesses across the country. Which is probably why there are so many available choices. Knowing which one will work best for you is a matter of knowing your needs and familiarizing yourself with the top options available. Whether you’re on the hunt for the top POS software system, or just shopping for some complimentary POS hardware, 2023 has as solution for you. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best POS software solutions available to American businesses of all sizes. Start a search online to find the perfect point-of-sale system for your business today!

What Are POS Software Systems?

POS is short for point-of-sale, and it’s a familiar term in the retail and restaurant sectors. POS systems help in-person businesses of all sizes facilitate purchases. POS systems can be simple, like analog cash registers. They can also be far more complex, capable of handling and processing transactions at a massive scale, gathering customer and employee data, and tracking inventory.

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why the POS software systems market is so rich with options. Some are built for restaurants, some are designed for brick-and-mortar retail stores, and all of them offer their own pricing structures and unique services. Business owners can invest in the hardware and software individually, or pay for a complete POS system.


Clover is easy to use, and useful in virtually all customer-facing businesses. Clover’s giant app marketplace enhances its ability to adapt to most industries, from table service, to counter service, to retail. The company provides a variety of options to serve your needs and business, including hardware-less POS solutions.

Clover’s services extend much further than transaction processing. Their customizable system can also help you track sales and manage staff. Pricing information is only available by request, but with so many customization options, it’s safe to assume you’ll find a solution that works within your budget.


It’s one of the most recognizable systems in the food and beverage industry, and one of the most popular POS software systems in the country. Founded in 2012, Toast offers a wide variety of hardware and software options designed to satisfy restaurants of all sizes. The user interface is easy to learn and fully customizable, with the ability to update everything in real time.

Toast can handle all debit and credit transactions, in addition to managing employee scheduling, online ordering, and more. The platform is trusted by over 74,000 restaurants, and promises 24/7 support. Plans start at $0, with custom plans and pricing available for business owners looking to make the most out of the full Toast platform.


Square is a cloud-based payment and point of sale solution built for small businesses. It allows merchants to accept payments, manage inventory, and track sales using a mobile device or tablet. It’s an easy way for businesses of all sizes to make the most of powerful insight tools like real-time sales tracking, reporting, and customer management.

Square plans start at $0 plus processing fees, and you can try any of their paid software solutions for free for 30-days. Business owners can unlock advanced features like payroll services, inventory tools, and retail reports for an additional monthly cost. The website has a helpful fee calculator to add additional transparency to Square’s transaction fee structure.


Take control of your customer experience, and make it easier to understand sales and inventory numbers with the cloud-based POS software system known as Vend. Using it requires very little training, and Vend is compatible with most existing and new POS hardware devices. Set up multiple stores, with multiple registers, anywhere in the world in just minutes!

Trying it out is as simple as booking a free trial online. Paid plans start at $69 a month, and scale according to the size of the business. Available services include advanced reporting, loyalty, accounting, ecommerce, launch services, and 24/7 customer support.


Lightspeed is a great option for those in the retail sector. The platform boasts a comprehensive suite of retail-centric services like loyalty management and inventory tracking. Their acquisition of e-commerce platform ShopKeep expanded an already impressive suite of solutions and services.

The popular POS solution is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the country, and it’s designed to scale. Retail plans start at $69 a month, with the option to upgrade to add omnichannel loyalty services, accounting, advanced reporting, and more.


POS solutions can seem similar, but each contains its own unique combination of services, features, and price points. As confusing as sifting through the countless options can feel, it’s worth the time and effort. Picking the right one could save you lots of money and time. Picking the wrong one could create long-term problems.

All the more reason to take your time, explore your needs, and research the best available options. The list of POS software solutions above is a great resource for those just beginning their search. Our list includes some of the most reliable names in the industry today. That said, there are even more POS software systems to choose from should our list fail to meet your specific requirements.

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Christopher Brown



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