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Here Are The Best Free And Online GED Prep Courses For 2023

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By Ryan Pratt

Earning a General Educational Development (GED) certificate can change your life in a number of ways. Not only does the credential prove that you have a high school education, but it can open many doors toward your future career.

If you’re eager to take the GED test, there are a number of resources that can help you study – free of cost! Let’s take a look at the best free online GED prep courses of 2023. is the official website of the GED (General Educational Development) test. They offer free practice quizzes to improve your knowledge on the four subject areas: social studies, language arts, math, and science.

The website is not only geared at helping you pass your test, but also getting you registered to take it. has resources to help you understand the testing process and find an exam center in your area. These logistical steps can help someone feel better prepared (and less anxious) on the day of the test.

As the official home of the GED test, it should come as no surprise that also offers diploma and transcript services. Many employers want to see proof of your education, and your transcript will reveal your scores across all subjects. This service is also helpful if you plan to seek further education, as colleges and universities typically ask for a GED transcript prior to accepting a student.

Khan Academy

Much like, Khan Academy provides GED online prep via free educational resources. Since it helps participants around the world, it offers quizzes in additional subjects, like economics and computer programming. You can complete these lessons at your own pace, as everything is available at your convenience.

The program offers a range of educational resources and videos. Additionally, Khan Academy employs students and educators who can offer personalized learning. These opportunities for support and feedback might transform an ill-prepared student into a confident one.

GED Academy

This website offers free online lessons and practice quizzes for the GED test. GED Academy can also help you coordinate your test registration with your local testing center. They provide many free coaching sessions in a Q&A format on Facebook, covering subjects like study tips and preparation tactics.

Many of GED Academy’s services are not free. They offer a personalized test preparation course for $19.00, as well as a deluxe course that covers job skills for $23.00. These career support resources are designed to help you put your GED credential to immediate use in the workforce.

Best GED Classes

Another proven resource for helping students get their GED is Best GED Classes, which is better known as BGC. Through their Onsego GED Prep Course, they offer free lessons on all of the tested subjects. Their computerized testing method is aligned with the one that GED tests actually use. Therefore, BGC’s timed practice tests can help you acclimatize to the pressure of the GED test well before you take it.

Much like GED Academy, BGC offers upgraded Onsego services for a fee. You can order single subject prep courses for $29.00 each, or complete prep packages starting at $79.00. These complete packages offer dedicated support, progress tracking, and video lessons for a one-time payment.

Is It Better To Pay For GED Prep?

Free GED preparation services can be a good option for individuals who are on a tight budget. They can also be ideal for those who prefer to study at their own pace. Free resources (such as study guides and practice tests) are enormously helpful as you prepare for the GED exam.

However, there are distinct advantages to paying for GED prep. Some packages not only provide personalized instruction, but do so with a structured and comprehensive curriculum. This can help students immerse themselves in each subject. Plus, the feedback and support that comes with most paid packages can elevate their confidence in the subject matter.

Find The Optimal Prep Course

Ultimately, the choice between free and paid GED preparation services depends on your schedule and learning style. If you prefer to take your time and learn at your own pace, these free GED prep courses can successfully augment your approach. On the other hand, a paid course may be worthwhile if you need to pass your GED within weeks or months.

Keep in mind that free online classes usually limit the number of lessons and practice tests you can take, whereas paid classes prepare you for all aspects of the GED exam. By taking a few free classes from different companies, you can effectively find the best match for you. And once you have found the right GED prep course, it’s simply a matter of discipline and motivation!

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Ryan Pratt



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