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Become A Security Guard At A Top Company With These Affordable Classes

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By Ryan Pratt

Have you ever wanted to protect and serve? Becoming a security guard allows you to safeguard a company’s assets while overseeing the safety of others. However, you need to take a training course in order to get certified.

Getting your security guard certification is no mere formality. Rather, it’s a chance to learn critical knowledge and skills to help you succeed. Let’s look at affordable classes that can assist you in becoming a security guard at a top company.

Benefits To Taking A Security Course

Short answer? It helps you get licensed. Taking a state-approved training course is often a requirement for becoming a licensed security guard in the United States. However, these classes also reveal the daily duties of security guard jobs so you’re prepared on day one.

Training in these courses often revolves around emergency response procedures, report writing, communication, and access control. This training can enhance your decision-making skills and confidence level. Plus, it helps you prepare for the state licensing exam, which is a requirement for becoming a licensed security guard in most states.

How Much Does Training Cost?

Various institutions offer security guard training classes, both in-person and online. However, the cost can vary depending on the type of training provided and whether it’s online or in-person. Private institutions tend to be the most expensive, so let’s explore some affordable alternatives.

The cheapest options are usually online programs, which offer the same curriculum as in-person classes but for a fraction of the price. For example, to become a security guard in California, the cost of a comprehensive training program is $84.99 online but $200 in class.

Online universities also offer competitive prices for complete security guard training. Sebron University, also in California, charges $79.95 for a full training and certification program. If you’re looking for an in-person experience, community colleges tend to be cheaper than private schools.

What About Free Training?

Federally funded security training is available for U.S. citizens and first responders. These courses are intended to help prospective or current security guards aspire to more specialized roles. These courses cover all manners of emergency preparedness, security, and rescue training. Plus, they’re free!

Some states sponsor low-cost or free security guard training programs for individuals interested in becoming licensed security guards. It is recommended to research and compare the offers available in your state.


Where you live also factors into the most affordable training options. Luckily, many of the best training programs have stations in multiple states. MySecurityTraining, for example, operates out of 23 states and offers a variety of security classes online.

Their 32-hour security officer training package costs $89. It explains emergency response procedures, observation and documentation rules, report writing, as well as communication and interpersonal skills. As an added bonus, their tests are open-book. Now there’s a confidence booster!

Invictus Training

Another respected name in security is Invictus Training, which offers certification, first aid, and weapons training. More specialized courses cover protective service and transport, residential protection, and surveillance tactics. Invictus only offers in-person sessions, which range from $180 for certifications to $500 for tactical training.

Upon completion of their program, students are eligible for their security guard card and receive a certificate of completion. As with all of these institutions, however, the prices vary depending on the type of security education you want.

Liberty Security Training

One of the top 10 security training schools in New York, Liberty Security Training was formed by veterans of the NYPD and Israeli military. Their curriculum offers pre-assignment training for $70 and on-the-job training for $115.

Instructors are skilled at making connections between licensed graduates and employers at major security companies in New York City. While this option is specifically aimed at those who live in New York State, there are many localized training programs of this sort throughout the country. Always research the most respected options close to home, as they could result in better (and cheaper) employment opportunities.

Certification Matters

Being certified raises your qualification level for different jobs. Employers and regulatory bodies in the security industry recognize the certificate you’ve earned, which may help your application stand out from the pack. Your chances of getting promoted to higher-level security positions also increases.

It’s essential to verify that any training program you choose meets the state requirements for becoming a licensed security guard. You don’t want to find out that it doesn’t meet requirements after you enroll!

Assess Your Needs And Budget

Before you start looking ahead to the state licensing exam, research the credentials and costs of different training programs. Assess which program offers the best value for your needs and budget. Courses that focus on weapons training and biohazard response cost more, and might not address your career goals.

Taking security guard classes can help you meet state requirements while enhancing your knowledge and skills. Additionally, a quality course can broaden your opportunities and help you stay current with industry standards. It’s a solid investment toward your career.

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Ryan Pratt



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