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5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Backyards Are Becoming A Top Trend For Families in 2023

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By Christopher Brown

We watch trends. It’s sort of our thing. So when we read that the artificial grass industry was expected to eclipse $5-billion by 2027, we couldn’t help but dig a little deeper. Some of the growth in the artificial grass industry can be attributed to highschool and university athletic facilities making the switch from real grass to artificial turf. The commercial and public sectors are going artificial more often now too.

A large section of that growth is expected to come from residential properties. Homeowners who are looking to extract the many benefits of artificial turf are already driving up demand, and that trend shows no signs of slowing. But enough about trends. Today, we’re going to take a look at why so many homeowners are ditching real grass for good.

It’s Low Maintenance

The mother of all benefits of an artificial grass backyard has to be the lack of maintenance. You can eliminate the time and monetary cost of daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance. With a single upfront fee, homeowners are freeing themselves and their weekends of mowing, watering, wedding, and fertilizing.

If having more free time isn’t enough, just think about how much money you stand to save on your water bill. You won’t need a mower anymore, and you can sell your sprinkler too. You can also eliminate the words fertilizer, grass seed, and sod from your annual expense budget.

It’s Very Realistic

It may stay green all year and completely eliminate the need for regular maintenance, but many buyers are held back by the fear that an artificial grass backyard might look too… artificial. Though that might have been the case in the past, artificial turf has come a really long way.

Recent developments in artificial grass have led to the uptick in demand we mentioned earlier. A properly installed, high-quality artificial grass can be as cushioned and comfortable as the real thing. Most people aren’t able to tell the difference on sight alone. Thankfully you don’t have to take our word for it. Visit a local showroom and have a look yourself.

It’s Always Green

Experience an ever-green, ever-immaculate backyard without the green thumbs. Artificial turf delivers the same results all-year long too. Beat back the winter blues with luscious artificial lawn, or stay green through droughts and water usage bans. It really is no fuss.

Sometimes even the most diligent landscaper can’t compete with the layout or design of some backyards. Yards with a lot of tree cover have a lot of trouble growing green grass. Yards with above ground pools and trampolines experience similar problems for similar reasons. In those cases, an artificial grass backyard is the only viable option.

It’s Durable

A lot of commercial businesses, like hotels and event centers, love artificial turf for its ability to handle heavy foot traffic over long periods. It’s designed to handle professional sports, so parents don’t have to worry about a particularly heated round of tag tearing up the grass.

Synthetic grass is incredibly durable, and preferable to natural grass in many high-use situations. You may not host as many outdoor events as a commercial business, but not having to worry about unforeseen lawn care costs is always a good thing.

It’s Always Pet and Child Friendly

It’s all fun and games until you’re trying to keep your pet or young child off of a lawn that’s just been fertilized or treated with pesticides. Owners of artificial lawns don’t have that problem. Many brands contain antibacterials, making them even more hygienic for those with a tendency to roll around in it.

Playing on artificial turf is safer for kids overall too. There are no rocks to fall on or ruts to fall over. There’s no mud and dirt to track through the house on wet days either. Just a cushioned, even, and long-lasting surface that’s perfect for play!

The Grass Is Greener

The case for artificial grass is strong to say the least. Less time spent weeding and watering is enough for most families to start saving for artificial turf. Add to that the durability, cost effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal of an artificial grass backyard and it’s easy to see why so many people are taking the plunge.

Every family is different, and the benefits discussed today might not be enough to replace the feeling of real grass between your toes. There will always be people that enjoy every second it takes to maintain their natural lawn. For everyone else though, there is a safe, cost effective, and great-looking alternative.

Shutterstock: Norwara Nirvana

Christopher Brown



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