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5 Kitchen Remodel Trends That Will Save You Big in 2023

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By Ryan Pratt

They say the kitchen is the “heart of the home”, which explains why each year’s remodeling trends tend to focus on the room that brings families together.

It doesn’t matter if you have a galley kitchen or a more open-concept design, as there are always affordable ways to modify your space. Let’s take a look at some of the kitchen remodel trends that will save you big in 2023.

Themes To Embrace

The majority of these remodel trends are guided by connection and character. Homeowners want their kitchens to be spacious enough to accommodate family members and striking enough to impress friends.

Another common theme amid these kitchen remodel trends of 2023 is natural sunlight, which happens to be free! Even if your kitchen space is closed off from any windows, we’ve found unique ways to let the sunshine in.

Kitchen Connectivity

Open-concept kitchens have done a lot to bring the family together, but the latest trend takes “connection” even further. Experts warn that electronic toys like stereos, docking stations, and wireless speakers are becoming as customary in the kitchen area as blenders and microwaves.

It isn’t all about entertainment, though. Kitchen faucets are also getting tech upgrades, as touch-free models can now connect with Wi-Fi and smartphones. The good news is, many of these faucets are water-efficient and can help you recoup the expense. Faucets with a flow rate of 1 ½ gallons per minute can save you between 25 percent and 60 percent on your utility bills.

More Sustainable Options

A variety of new sustainable kitchen trends are making their way into 2023. Low-emissivity (or low-E) windows and doors are designed to reduce the amount of heat transfer through the glass. They work by reflecting radiant heat, keeping heat inside during cold weather and outside during warm weather.

These windows can cost between $120 to $1,200 each, depending on their size and type. Hiring a professional to install them can cost an additional $200 to $800 per window. Remember, low-E windows are an investment as they can reduce heat conduction by as much as 50 percent. This can translate into major savings on your utility bills.

If you’re not ready for a major eco-commitment, you can still do your part with simpler remodel choices. Choose LED bulbs and eco-friendly paints for your kitchen. When it’s time to replace an appliance, consider one that’s more energy efficient. The environment (and your wallet) will thank you!

Sleek Cabinetry

Year over year, it’s always interesting to see where the cabinet trends are headed. For 2023, flat panel cabinets are the main draw, offering a modern, sleek look. That minimalist look extends to the cabinet hardware, as trim bar pulls and monochromatic knobs are the lead choices amongst homeowners.

On the subject of cabinets, wood remains the faraway favorite material this year. And while recent years have seen a big push toward painting wooden cabinets, the appeal of natural wood tone is mounting a comeback. Both medium and dark wood tones are trending upward. However, the naturalist vibe doesn’t end with cabinets.

Nature-Inspired Hues

It just so happens that the color palette for kitchen remodels in 2023 is also based on the environment. Natural hues like ivory and dark green are on the rise, alongside neutral colors like stone grey and soft pink. Vanilla and olive are also proving to be very popular.

This natural approach extends to kitchen countertops. While granite counters are still desired, soapstone is becoming a common alternative. Soapstone is usually a dark grey that continues to darken over time. It also has natural imperfections that reinforce its rustic origins.

On average, soapstone countertops cost between $55 and $120 per square foot, which is cheaper than quartz options. While it can scratch over time, soapstone is more durable than many less natural countertop materials on the market.

Creating Light

Speaking of ivory and vanilla, these colors are helping homeowners brighten their kitchens in 2023. At a time when stark white is becoming passé, these warmer whites are becoming more popular on walls, cabinetry, and even countertops.

Homeowners don’t have to rely on paint to illuminate their space, however. Transparent lampshades and hollow wire-framed fixtures can reduce the amount of sight-line obstructions in your kitchen. Meanwhile, reflective matte materials can lighten the room. These small changes can make even the darkest kitchen feel more open.

Cooking Up Affordable Ideas

As you can see, kitchen design in 2023 is going to be a contrast of futuristic and timeless aesthetics. The kitchen will be increasingly tech-driven, while also appearing more grounded in natural tones. Some of these upgrades will pay you back over time, while others are simply cheap to execute.

These are just a few affordable trends happening in kitchen design this year. Multifunctional spaces and bolder colors are other key trends on the horizon, so keep an eye out for other remodeling tips that can save you money.

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Ryan Pratt



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