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Top Military Jobs for Civilians

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By Christopher Brown

When most people think about careers in the military, images of basic training, short haircuts, and army fatigues are all they can think about. In reality, the Department of Defense hires a lot of civilian employees and pays them well too. The DOD employs over 650,000 non-uniformed civilians and pays them an average of $98,383 a year.

Non-uniformed civilians play a crucial role in DOD operations, making up over 675 different organizations across the entire department. Cyber and information technology, financial management, and human resources are just a few of the opportunities available. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the most intriguing and most lucrative military jobs available to civilians.

Cyber and Information Technology Jobs

The sharp increase in malicious software and bad online actors has led to an equally sharp demand for cyber and information technology professionals. Civilians with experience in this field have over 400 military jobs to browse.

Comp Eng-Elec Eng-Ops Res Anal-Comp Sci

The Department of The Air Force is looking for someone with an engineering degree or the requisite real-world experience to help with electronic warfare analysis. Applicants must be US citizens, and may be expected to travel. They’re willing to pay the right person between $99,764 and $129,691 per year.

Computer Scientist

There’s one vacancy open for a civilian computer scientist position within the U.S. Marine Corps with an annual salary range of $94,199 to $145,617. This is a full-time, permanent position that requires a fair amount of technical expertise including a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Computer Clerk

If you live near Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming or are willing to relocate, you could be in line for a job with Air Force Global Strike Command making as much as $21.59 an hour. This regular part-time position is open to the public and doesn’t require any education or experience.

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Human Resources

The military needs human resources professionals, just like every other good American company. They serve a vital role inside the DOD, creating initiatives and programs to maintain and grow the workforce. Below you’ll find a few of the more than 250 available human resource openings.

HR Assistant

The Department of the Navy is looking for an HR assistant to help maintain personnel files, monitor personnel actions, and interview personnel where required. The full-time position could pay as much as $55,130 per year to the right candidate.

Equal Employment Specialist

The Department of the Army is looking to fill multiple vacancies in multiple locations for the Equal Employment Specialist role. Applicants must be ready to manage formal complaints, work closely with labor counselors and IRD investigators, and evaluate Equal Employment Opportunity programs. The salary range for this position is $66,892 to $104,233 per year.

Director, Human Resources

Experienced Human Resources professionals willing to bring their expertise to the U.S. Marine Corps could stand to make between $125,000 and $130,000 per year. The role requires experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, benefits administration, Equal Employment Opportunity, and more.

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Financial Management

The Military needs financial management professionals too! From accounting, to budgeting, to traditional teller jobs, the Military is looking to fill over 250 positions in the financial management field all over the country.


The DOD is looking to fill accounting positions in multiple locations including Arizona, California, Arkansas, and Alabama. These are permanent, full time positions that pay as much as $88,792 a year.

Accounting Clerk

Earn as much as $19 per hour helping lodging management process and receive purchase orders, prepare time records for payroll processing, and resolve out-of-balance accounts. This entry-level position requires only a basic knowledge of budgeting processes and a moderate computer proficiency.


The Defence Commissary Agency is looking to fill a teller position to work out of California’s Camp Pendleton. The salary ranges from $38,179 to $49,632. The job consists of the controlling and accounting of all funds related to the operation of the commissary store.

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Find the Right Job For You

There’s money in military jobs whether you’re willing to enlist or not. The Department of Defense relies on close to a million non-uniformed civilian employees to tackle all sorts of tasks, from human resources to computer sciences. There’s no reason you can’t be one of those well-paid employees either.

If you’re interested in civilian jobs with the Military, be sure to check out the DOD’s civilian career job board online. There you’ll find a helpful list of career opportunities organized by department and job type. And don’t worry if you can’t find the right fit. There are always new opportunities, so be sure to check back regularly.

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