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Benefits, Bonuses, and On the Job Training: Why Military Jobs Are Hot Right Now

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By Christopher Brown

The US Army began ramping up their recruitment efforts at the start of 2022.1 Signup bonuses for new recruits hit historic levels, and the military job-openings held steady. More soldiers are sticking with their Army jobs than ever before, but recruitment numbers continue to lag.2 Which is great news for job seekers.

Enlistment benefits far surpass the headline-stealing $50,000 sign-up bonus. Military careers provide on the job training, high quality healthcare, tuition assistance, retirement options, community programs, and the list goes on. Today, we’ll take a look at the impressive benefits available to new recruits and highlight a few of the amazing jobs available right now.

Signup Bonuses

Yeah, you read that right. The Army is offering eligible recruits as much as $50,000 in signing bonuses, some of which are immediately available.3 There are many ways a new recruit can earn a sizable sign up bonus, including:

The active Army enlistment bonus. Full-time recruits are free to combine their bonuses and could earn an additional bonus that tops out at $50K.

The quick ship bonus. Get up to $40K for reporting to basic training within 30 days of enlisting.

The job signing bonus. Get up to $40K on the first day for filling a handful of in-demand positions.

The Army Reserve enlistment bonus. Qualified recruits could get up to $20K for joining the Army reserve.

The civilian acquired skills bonus. Get up to $40K for having specific, in-demand skills.

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Education and Training Benefits

The Army offers a ton of support for anyone interested in furthering their education.4 Training and education benefits are handed out in a multitude of creative and practical ways.

The GI Bill is available to those that serve at least three years, and helps cover the cost of tuition, certification courses, entrepreneurship training, and more.5

The Tuition Assistance Program provides eligible soldiers with up to $4,000 per year to help pay for school or professional training.

Green to Gold lets active-duty soldiers complete a BA or graduate degree program while earning a commission as an Army Officer.6

The Army eliminates the cost barrier to further education, and works around a soldier’s education. This allows them to pursue their passion while also earning a living. The Army even offers a database of online credentialing courses that soldiers can use to earn free credentials on their own schedule.7

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Extended Benefits

As if cash bonuses and unlimited growth opportunities weren’t enough, the Army offers a string of additional benefits to qualified enlistees. From financial incentives that extend long after your service, to competitive PTO packages, there’s almost too many benefits to mention.8

You’d do well to browse the entire list yourself, but below are a few of the many benefits available to qualified soldiers:

Financial benefits include better rates on home loans, low or no cost healthcare, and a variety of retirement options.

Family benefits include 30 days paid time off each year for full-time soldiers, paid parental leave, and travel discounts.

Veterans benefits are available after you serve and include high quality healthcare, transition assistance, and education and employment resources.

There’s a lot to love about the Army recruitment package. There’s much more to explore too! Head over to their website or connect with a recruiter to get a better idea of what enlistees stand to gain.

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Available Jobs

The Army can be a great way to begin a new career path. Their job board is always full of opportunities that span a wide variety of industries and specializations. From jobs in science and medicine, to engineering and logistics positions, the Army has something for everyone.

Below is a sample of the many positions the Army is looking to fill right now:

  • Human Resource Specialist9
  • Plumber10
  • Dietitian11
  • Cyber Operations Specialist12
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner13

Some of the available positions do require pre-earned degrees and certifications, while others offer the opportunity to learn the role on the job. Some skills and specializations are in high-demand, and come with sizable signing bonuses.

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Go Army

Tuition assistance, healthcare, and a $50,000 sign-up bonus is enough to make most people seriously consider a career change. Younger enlistees just entering the workforce are grateful for the opportunity to earn a competitive salary and get practical experience, while older recruits love the job security and benefits.

There’s a great career waiting for you, no experience necessary. Head on over to the Army’s recruitment website to browse their expansive job board and find out how to connect with a recruiter to learn more.

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