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Online Floral Design Courses: Cultivating Your Passion for Flowers

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By Katherine Millar

If you’re someone who has always admired the art of arranging flowers or dreamed of creating stunning floral displays, then floral design might be your true calling. The good news is that you can now explore your passion through online floral design courses. We’re taking a look into the world of floral design, how it can be a fulfilling career, what you can expect to learn, and the best online options available. Continue searching online for more information.

What is Floral Design?

Floral design is the art of arranging flowers and other botanical elements in aesthetically pleasing compositions. It’s a creative and intricate process that involves selecting the right flowers, pairing them harmoniously, and crafting beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and more.

Floral designers are artists who use their knowledge of color theory, shape, and texture to create captivating arrangements that convey specific feelings and themes.

How Can I Turn Floral Design into a Profitable Career?

Floral design isn’t just about creating beautiful bouquets for personal enjoyment; it can also be a rewarding and profitable career. Floral designers find employment in various settings, including floral shops, event planning companies, hotels, and even as freelancers for weddings and special events. With the right training and skills, you can turn your passion for flowers into a thriving business.

What Will I Learn in a Floral Design Course?

Online floral design courses offer comprehensive training that covers a wide range of topics. Here are some key aspects you can expect to learn:

  • Flower Selection and Care: You’ll discover how to choose the freshest and most appropriate flowers for your arrangements and learn the best practices for keeping them vibrant and long-lasting.
  • Design Principles: Understand the fundamental principles of floral design, including balance, proportion, rhythm, and focal points. You’ll learn how to create visually appealing compositions.
  • Floral Arrangement Techniques: Master various techniques for creating different types of arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnieres.
  • Event and Wedding Floristry: Explore the specific requirements for floral design in weddings and events. This includes creating bridal bouquets, altar arrangements, and table centerpieces.
  • Business Skills: If you aspire to turn your floral design skills into a business, you’ll gain insights into pricing, marketing, and managing your floral design venture.

Best Online Floral Design Courses

Floral Design Institute

For those aspiring to master the art of floral design, the Floral Design Institute Basic Floral Design Online Program is a world-class option. It offers an extensive curriculum that equips you with the skills needed for a rewarding career in floral design or even to kickstart your own floral business.

This program, priced at $2,250.00, is not just a course but an approved pathway towards achieving the prestigious Certified Floral Designer status. You’ll delve deep into the world of floral design, honing your craft to perfection and opening doors to exciting opportunities in the industry.

Penn Foster Career School

The Penn Foster Career School offers a comprehensive floral design program for beginners, complete with certification upon completion. This user-friendly course is designed to transform aspiring floral enthusiasts into certified florists in just six months. It’s an ideal choice for those considering a career in floral design. The program encompasses nine courses, including Design Tools and Basics, all presented in a well-structured, mobile-friendly format with progress tracking.

While tuition ranges from $849 to $1089, additional supplies may be necessary for hands-on floral exercises at home. Plus, the Penn Foster Career School boasts both regional and national accreditation, adding credibility to your floral design education.


Skillshare offers diverse floral design courses for all levels of enthusiasts and florists. You can customize your learning based on your interests and skills, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Although it doesn’t offer certifications, Skillshare stands out for its affordability, with an annual membership at just $14 per month.

You can even try classes for free through their trial. With 30+ floral design courses covering topics like hand-tied bouquets and dried floral arrangements, Skillshare is an accessible and budget-friendly choice. This makes it our top pick for cost-conscious learners.

Create Academy

Create Academy, although lacking certifications, offers an excellent choice for floral design enthusiasts eager to refine their skills. Their online courses cater to beginners and those with some experience. Lesson consist of options for short free video lessons or more extensive paid courses. These are typically priced from $200 to $300, depending on your chosen topics. These courses cover a wide range, from floristry to gardening, and can be selected individually or bundled together.

Once you purchase a course, you enjoy lifetime access, allowing you to revisit project instructions whenever needed. Create Academy’s flexibility, without rigid timelines, makes it ideal for busy learners.

Start a Career in Floral Design Today!

Online floral design courses offer a convenient and flexible way to explore your passion. You can learn the skills of the trade and potentially turn it into a fulfilling career! Whether you dream of creating captivating wedding bouquets or add a touch of elegance to your next event, start your journey into the world of floral design today. Begin your exploration online and let your creativity bloom.

Katherine Millar


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