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Mastering the Mic: Top Online Voice Over Training Programs

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By Katherine Millar

Unlock your vocal potential and embark on an exciting journey into the world of voice over with our guide to the top online training programs. Whether you aspire to be the captivating voice behind an animated character, a compelling narrator, or the voice of a brand, these programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel. But the adventure doesn’t end here – continue your search online to discover the perfect course and kickstart your voice over career!

What is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is a unique form of performance that relies solely on the power of the voice to bring characters to life and convey stories. Voice actors lend their vocal talents to a diverse array of projects, spanning animated TV series, captivating audiobooks, blockbuster movies, insightful documentaries, persuasive commercials, immersive video games, and more.

While voiceover involves using an unseen narrator to provide explanations or commentary, voice actors are the skilled individuals who infuse depth and emotion into these voiceovers, making characters and narratives come alive. In essence, voice acting and voiceover are closely related, often used interchangeably, with both playing vital roles in the world of entertainment and communication.

Types of Voice Acting Work

Voice over acting offers a diverse range of opportunities for aspiring talent. From animated TV series and movies to audiobooks, commercials, video games, and even documentaries, voice actors bring characters and narratives to life using only their voices. Each genre presents its unique challenges and rewards.

For instance, video game voice actors may need to convey various emotions for interactive characters, while audiobook narrators must maintain consistency over lengthy recordings. Commercials demand concise and persuasive delivery, while animated projects require creativity and versatility.

Equipment Required for Voice Acting

Voice acting requires specific equipment to set up a home studio for auditions and recording sessions. You’ll need three essential pieces of gear: a laptop or tablet for storing and editing audio files, a professional-grade microphone (preferably with USB capabilities) along with a mic stand and pop screen, and editing software such as Audacity (a free option) or more advanced tools like Pro Tools or Adobe Audition.

However, don’t overlook the importance of your recording space’s acoustics, as it greatly impacts the quality of your recordings. You can start with a closet filled with clothes for budget-friendly soundproofing, or invest in professional soundproofing materials to create a more polished recording environment.

5 Online Voice Over Training Courses

Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting – Masterclass

Nancy Cartwright, renowned for her iconic role as Bart Simpson, teaches this exclusive Masterclass course. Over three decades of experience under her belt, Cartwright shares her expertise in character development, studio performance, and propelling a voice acting career.

With 14 video lessons totaling approximately 3 hours, you’ll master vocal techniques, script notation, and the art of maintaining character consistency over time. This immersive course offers a rare opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s greatest talents.

Dynamic Public Speaking – Coursera

Whether you’re delivering online lectures, creating voiceovers, or diving into voice acting, this free course enhances your speaking proficiency. Suitable for all skill levels, it provides a gradual skill-building approach with ample practice. You can even record your work and receive expert feedback, building an impressive portfolio.

With Coursera Plus, granting access to 7,000+ courses for $59/month, you can explore diverse topics beyond voice over training.

Voice-Over Marketing: Get More Voice Over Jobs in Less Time! – Udemy

Led by Peter Baker, a seasoned voice-over artist with 40 years of industry experience, you’ll glean valuable insights. This course teaches voice actors how to market their skills on “pay to play” websites, leverage free directories, and make successful cold calls to potential clients.

Gain insider tips on networking, accessing exclusive marketing resources, and utilizing social media to boost your voice acting career. With ongoing updates and training, you’ll stay competitive in the field.

Voiceover Certificate Program (VOCP) – Clayton University

Expand your horizons and elevate your voice over skills with our selection of online training courses. Among the standout options, Clayton State University shines with its voice-over certificate program, designed to empower beginners with 30 hours of comprehensive training. This course offers a structured and in-depth approach to voice acting, making it a valuable stepping stone towards mastering the mic.

Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting – Skillshare

Led by seasoned professional Donald Fittsgill Jr., this program is perfect for newcomers aiming to launch their voice acting careers. Whether your interests include radio, video games, or audiobooks, Fittsgill’s expertise will help you create top-notch voiceovers and unlock exciting opportunities.

You’ll master your delivery, ensure clear audio recordings, and set up your home studio with the necessary equipment and software. Skillshare offers a 1-Month Free Trial, followed by an annual membership of $165, providing an affordable entry into the world of voice acting.

Start Your Voice Over Training Today!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of voice over? Your path to becoming a skilled voice artist begins today! The first step is to explore various courses, compare what they offer, and find the perfect fit for your goals and interests. With a wealth of online resources, you can hone your skills, master techniques, and launch a rewarding voice over career.

So, don’t wait—start your voice over training journey today and discover the incredible opportunities that await!

Katherine Millar


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