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This New Trick Can Protect Your Smartphone For Only $3


For many of us, our smartphones are one of the most important tools we use everyday. Not only do we browse social media and look at memes all day, but they also contain useful contact, banking, and even medical information. On top of that, a high-end smartphone can cost well over $1,000 when it’s brand new.

Naturally, Americans want to protect their Android phones (and the data they contain). Good news! If you live in the U.S. and want to protect your new Android, we have an exciting new offer to share with you.

Here’s the Deal:

Android Compatible Protection offers internet and security protection for American Android users for just $3. No, that’s not a typo. It’s only three dollars.

This offer is a result of Android Trained Developers partnering up with trusted software company Total AV. Together, they have released an Android Protection Package for just $3.

Why So Cheap?

In short, there’s been a serious rise in the number of consumers affected by smartphone malware. The goal of this Android Protection Package is to protect users personal data, identity, and online banking information, all for a low cost.

Let’s be honest, using low prices to attract customers is hardly a new thing. Fast food joints regularly offer promotions for free fries, drinks, or burgers — all you have to do is give them your email to earn a coupon. So really, a $3 Android protection app is a pretty solid offer.

Does It Work?

We have to admit, we were skeptical about these claims at first. It seemed too good to be true. However, we tried the Total AV app and were totally impressed. It activates a secure encryption layer whenever you browse the internet. That offers real time protection to any potential threats your online activity might attract. It will also block your browsing from being tracked by snoopers.

How Do I Get Android Protection for $3?

Step 1: Visit The Official $3 Android Promotion Here.


Step 2: Input your email address and pay $3


Step 3: Install the Total AV security app from the Google Play App Store


Is This Security Worth The Hype?

You know what they say; if something seems too good to be true. So how does the Total AV Android Protection app stack up against other security software on the market? We compared the app to other similar software and concluded that Total AV matches or surpasses the security offered by competing products — which often cost more than $3.

As an added bonus, this discounted protection package included a total of 3 licenses. That means you can install it on other Android phones in your household or family too. In short, it’s the best deal for Android security that we’ve been able to find anywhere on the internet.

The Total AV app also provides:


This $3 deal is available today. However, there’s no clear indication when the promotion might end or expire. So we urge you to take advantage of this amazing offer while you still can.

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