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Millions Of iPhone Users Rush To Get Protected



Earlier this month the latest “must-have” iPhone app of 2022 was released, and it’s awesome

Thousands of iPhone owners are in a hurry to install a new app that will prevent scammers from stealing their money and personal information.

Over the past few months iPhone owners have received a record number of phishing emails claiming to be from their bank, or a major company such as Amazon, PayPal or Walmart.

It takes just one second to click on a fake email or text message but the consequences are enormous.

Cyber criminals are getting so advanced the fake messages look exactly like the real thing, so it’s now harder than ever to know what you can trust.

Cyber crime complaints soared to a record high last year, as losses hit $4.2 billion with losses to over 50’s alone exceeding $1.8 billion, according to FBI data.

This is why the brilliant new iPhone app from TotalAV is so important to keep you safe online.

TotalAV is an award winning security provider which analyzes threats in real-time to keep you protected 24/7.

It will work silently in the background of your phone, protecting you from the latest scams and threats, giving you peace of mind anytime you are using the Internet.

The app works by adding an additional security layer between your phone and the web. This will encrypt your private data and prevent it from being harvested, and protect you from identity theft.

In addition to this, TotalAV will inform you of websites which you cannot trust including investment scams, fake shopping website, even known viruses.

You will be able to enjoy using your phone again for tasks you are currently worried about like online banking and using your credit card shopping.

It’s no wonder iPhone owners are rushing to get this incredible app whilst they can for a special introductory price of just $3.

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