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How PC Users Are Finally Getting Protected And Staying Safe Online…



It’s rare when experts can come together and agree on something, but nobody can deny the sudden increase in attempts to steal your personal information and hard-earned money. With technology getting more advanced everyday, so are the scams!

Cyber crime complaints soared to a record high last year, as losses hit $6.9 billion, according to FBI data.

This is why TotalAV is so important to keep you safe online.

So What Exactly Is Everyone Raving About?

The easiest and most simple tool to protect your private and personal data is taking America by storm. Developed by TotalAV, an award-winning antivirus company, this new system has set the new standard to help combat the rise in scam websites and provide additional protection against harmful malware threats, phishing attacks and identity theft.

Anyone can fall for these scams which is why it’s so necessary for that extra layer of security. It’s so frustrating and you feel vulnerable because it was a careless mistake and you got tricked. Crybercriminals can get access to your personal information, private passwords, emails from loved ones and use that to even scam other members of your family

No matter how prepared you might be, it’s impossible to be fully aware 100% of the time.

TotalAV works silently in the background of your devices, protecting you from the latest scams and threats, giving you peace of mind anytime you are using the Internet.

Do I Really Need This Extra Protection?

Honestly, yes. Everyone needs this and we understand that installing and running software programs can be complicated or you may think it’s a waste of money, but what makes TotalAV different from traditional antivirus software is that it comes with a web browser protection tool that intercepts and blocks any threats, stopping hackers in their tracks.

In short, this means you will be protected 24/7, 100% of the time you’re online. And to make the deal even sweeter, you’ll also have access to Total Adblock which eliminates pop-up ads and it’s so effective, it will even block ads on YouTube videos without having to pay extra for YouTube Premium that costs $11.99 per month!

So How Do I Take Advantage?

Because of how serious identity theft and cyber crimes have become, TotalAV’s main goal is to prevent as many incidents as possible, which is why they’re offering a huge promotion (80% off!) and making their services so much more affordable and accessible.

For only $19, you don’t have anything to lose, but this promotion won’t be available forever so you should take advantage of it while you can by following the steps below:

Step 1: Simply visit the Official $19 Protection Promotion Here or click on the button below

Step 2: Register your email to claim the promotional price (get 80% off by only paying $19!)

Step 3: Browse the optional add-ons, confirm your purchase and install TotalAV