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How To Speed Up Your Internet


There are multiple reasons why your internet may appear slow such as a problem with your router or modem, the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, spyware and viruses, or even devices on your network taking up most of your bandwidth.

Common Causes of Slow Internet

Spyware and viruses are frequent causes of slow internet speed. Spyware slows down your system by monitoring your internet use and keyboard use while viruses silently multiply and disperse themselves and taking up internet bandwidth in the process. 

Your internet hygiene could be a factor. Every time you visit a website, a file is created and saved onto your device. It consists of images, video and other multimedia so when you revisit the site, it will load faster. Your preferences and habits may also be saved to help save you time in the future. When you have too many of these files, it can drag down your browsing speed. 

How To Repair Slow Internet

Slow internet speeds can be resolved and prevented manually for advanced tech users, but others may want to avoid a disaster and use special software to perform routine check up scans to delete viruses, spyware and other programs slowing your computer down such as Scanguard.

Follow the following steps to fix the issue:

Step1: Add Scanguard to your browser

Step 2: Click to Install

Step 3: Automatically Start Your Tune Up Scan For Free