Most Expensive Baseball Teams to Watch

Most Expensive Baseball Teams to Watch

Nothing symbolizes the way America likes to pass its time better than baseball, hence the moniker America’s Pastime. You get to sit with others, watch a sport that requires substantially less athletic ability than any other sport this side of curling, pay an alarming amount of money for bad beer and gross food, and maybe nap in the summer sun some. Yet we always go back for the joy of shouting drunkenly at overweight umpires at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. I hope I’m not being too anti-baseball to any of you fans, just know I’m a Cubs fan and Chicago has yet to warm up for the summer.

The website The Biz of Baseball has released their annual team price lists, comparing not just ticket prices but also food, beverage, and other prices. And while the cheapest teams pretty much read like a roll call of the major’s worst teams last year (D’Backs, Padres, Pirates, Reds) a few teams fielded high-quality teams while charging their fans comparatively little (Angels, Rays, Braves). However, this is a list of the teams that will gouge you each of their 81 home games.

1. Boston Red Sox

Fenway remains one of the hardest places to find tickets. High demand and low supply (third fewest number of seats in the majors) give Fenway Park the second-highest average ticket price. Expensive beer and parking push the Red Sox to the top of the list, though. A game there for the average family of four would run the breadwinner about $334.78. But hey, at least they won two World Series in the past decade.

2. Chicago Cubs

That’s right, the losingest team in the history of professional sports will make the average family pay $329.74 to spend an afternoon watching a team with players and a manager that are prone to hating them. The Cubs have the highest average ticket price, and parking in the neighborhoods surrounding Wrigley will run you another $25. Youch.

3. New York Yankees

The defending world champions enter number three after dropping their average family price from $410.88 last year to $316.32 for this year. Prices jumped up before last season for the normally-expensive Bronx Bombers after they moved into a shiny new stadium. Fan complaints led them to lower the average ticket price a surprising $21. This dropped them from the easy number one pick last year to the third spot behind the Cubs and rival Red Sox.

4. Chicago White Sox

Chicago’s South Side Good Guys come in fourth, once again mainly due to high ticket prices and expensive parking. A family can expect to pay an average of $249.60 here.

5. Philadelphia Phillies

Aside from expensive tickets, the 2008 World Series Champions charge the third-highest price for beer (at $6.75, behind the Red Sox, Marlins, and Twins). Then again, we know how baseball and cheap beer interact as a result of the Cleveland Indians’ 1974 10-Cent Beer Night (inspiring this goofy ode).

The rest of the top ten is rounded out by popular large-market teams (New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers), popular medium-market teams (San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals), and one head-scratchingly bad team (Washington Nationals).