Money CAN Buy You Happiness

Every now and again, a study will come out to depress you, offering a direct correlation between the amount of money you make and the happiness you can accumulate.

This is that study. Apparently, money can buy you happiness. Don't tell that to all the depressed and strung-out heiresses that are wandering the streets, though. They won't want to hear it. A study published on Thursday says that yes, money can buy you happiness. As long as your happiness isn't heroin or anything else that may make you broke and unhappy.

136,000 different people in 132 countries around the world were asked about what made them happy and when they felt respected. What did the researchers discover? Happiness increases with money, but people still want respect and admiration no matter how rich they are.

Then again, if I were super-rich, I'd pretty much be ambivalent to other people's feelings towards me. Because if everyone hated me, I'd be able to build a robot with my billions of dollars that would only love me.

The study's findings were published in the July edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

So what would you rather be? Poor and happy or rich and miserable? I'd rather be eating ramen and content.