How to Drink and Still Save Money

How to Drink and Still Save Money

You have a problem, don’t you? You want to go with the boys for a night out, but your wallet is near empty. Crap, what’s a guy to do? Short of drinking all the Scope that’s left in the bottle to catch a buzz, there’s a few things you can do to save yourself some money, and still have a good time.

Drink Cheap

Buy the cheap stuff. Yeah, I know it doesn’t taste as good, but you’re on a budget. Save the high priced stuff for when you graduate, okay? Pabst Blue Ribbon and an Olde English 40 oz will do just fine for now. Also, you might want to think about buying in bulk, too. A cheap fifth of something or other is just as much as one or two drinks at a bar, so if you’re going out with the boys, it might be a good idea to suggest pre-drinking at home to save some cash. If you do go out, make sure it’s to a bar that has specials, and with no cover charge. You know, dollar drink nights, pitcher specials. You can usually find those on nights when it’s slower. Hey, getting tipsy on a Tuesday or Thursday is not that bad.

Brew Your Own

Seriously, what’s stopping you and a few of your college friends from getting together and brewing up some suds? It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than going to a bar, will probably last you longer, and although it may not taste the same, it’s all about the experience with this one. Play some video games, watch some movies, do whatever it is you guys do while brewing the beer, and you’ll find the results pretty surprising.

While I don’t advocate heavy drinking, I recognize the need to go out with your friends and kick back every once in a while. It can be expensive, though, downing all those drinks at a bar. With a little ingenuity, some money saving ideas, and a few friends, you can still do all the things you want to do, and keep the green where it belongs: in your wallet.