How Much Is Happiness?

How Much Is Happiness?

About 60,000 a year. You’re welcome.

There's an old saying that"¦uh"¦says, "Money can't buy happiness." And it's generally true. Think of how many unhappy rich people you know.

But now, people have pinpointed how much money it costs to be happy. That's what we're spending our time trying to sort out, is proving at which levels a person can truly be happy. And Dan Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner has an answer for the quivering, wondering masses. Happiness can be found at 60,000 a year. That's all you need to be happy. Below that level, people slowly accumulate misery, and above that level, people are generally as happy as they were earning 60K a year.

60K a year. Everybody who's trying to get rich in Hollywood, become billionaires, or drown themselves in material possessions should really just be aiming to make 60K a year. Dave Chappelle, one of the greatest comedians of all time, aimed to make 60K a year starting out, and look where he is. Happy as a clam with his piles of money.

So to reiterate, a lack of money can bring on piles of misery, but a little bit of it can make all the difference in the world. Hopefully Joel Olsteen's next book will reflect this and be titled, 60K A Year: Buy Your Happy Wholesale.