Bernie Madoff’s Family Might Be Brought Up On Charges

Bernie Madoff’s Family Might Be Brought Up On Charges

You might've recalled that Bernie Madoff stole billions of dollars from investors that were promised great returns on their money. He was put into prison. But what happened to his family?

His family is now being investigated, and chances are that they'll be brought up on charges. Which would make sense. If my dad was running a criminal enterprise, and I was involved in his business, and I was never questioning where all the money came from that we were spending on frivolous homes all across America, and why we were using a G5 to dump paint on poor people "“- I'd be a massive douchebag. And probably a criminal.

Madoff's brother Peter, and sons Andrew and Mark, are executives in the Madoff firm's legitimate market-making and proprietary trading business and are likely to face tax fraud charges later this year. The bigger issue is whether or not federal investigators would be able to come up with securities fraud charges -"“ authorities might still fail at coming up with evidence.

Really, what more evidence do you need other than the Madoff name and the fact they shared a space on the payroll? The firm extended more than 15 loans, totaling over 50 million dollars to Madoff family members and key employees, which were then forgiven.

It must be nice being a rich scuzzball.