Americans Are Not Loyal To Their Companies

Americans Are Not Loyal To Their Companies

If someone threatened to take your family, favorite soda, country, or job away from you, which one do you think Americans would ally themselves with? You may be surprised.

Or not, depending on how well you know Americans. Or yourselves, like a Joel Osteen get-to-know-yourself sort of love-in would indicate. Most Americans feel more loyalty toward their favorite brand of soda than they do to their employer. That would be surprising to me, except I've worked for quite a few companies during my time in the work-force, and maybe two out of the thirty-five I've ever felt an affection for. And that's being generous.

Timothy Keininghan is the author of a poll that quizzed Americans about what sort of thing they felt loyal toward. Unsurprisingly, country came first -"“ because when you throw around knee-jerk buzzwords like loyalty, people stammer, and mention their country. Second came their family, and then came their personal doctor.

Rounding out the bottom of the list? The companies and corporations they worked for. Timothy has apparently quantified the fact that people hate their jobs. Only 55% of employees said they would stay in their current position as opposed to one that would pay a higher salary. Says Keininghan:

This should be a wake-up call. The only way to grow your way out of a bad economy is to hold on to your customers and encourage both employee and customer loyalty.