Las Vegas in $100 per day: Part 2

The following is part two of a three-part series in which I attempt to survive on the Las Vegas strip for $100 per day. Yes, I know this is possible if either (a) you don’t drink or (b) you don’t gamble. But then why go to Vegas in the first place?

You can read part one here.

Day 2

After waking up at the crack of noon, the cheeseburger from the previous night still hadn’t settled in my stomach too well, which meant I was definitely skipping breakfast "“ and subsequently saving at least $10.

After getting myself somewhat presentable, we headed over to the pool at Caesar’s Palace, which is completely free to get in and is very, very nice "“ just make sure to bring your own towel and get there early to get a pool chair. After a while of soaking in the faux-Roman design and the overall atmosphere, I was very tempted to by myself a $20 rum runner from the pool bar, ultimately deciding against it.

A while later after sunbathing and frolicking around in the pool (yes, I frolic), I was starting to get hungry, so I ventured over to the pool snack bar. Almost immediately, I spun back around 180 degrees on my left toe after seeing that a wrap the size of my fist cost $14.

By 3:20 p.m., though, I was hungry enough that I walked across the street to a popular burrito chain and left satisfied after spending $9 on a burrito and a drink.

We ended up walking back to our hotel and, upon spotting a $5 blackjack table, decided this would be the best time to play, because I was sober and was way over budget. I proceeded to change $50 in chips and immediately lost my first hand "“ I drew a 16 and the dealer drew 17. Then I lost my second and third hands on similarly frustrating beats.

Already down $15, I should cut my losses at this point, but I wanted to win some of my money back. (I’m sure this is the same mentality every gambler in Vegas gets.) For the sake of brevity, I ended up down just $10 after playing for 90 minutes, cashing out my leftover chips.

After heading back to the room with the shame of losing money gambling and realizing I had played blackjack while wearing a wife-beater, I cracked back a couple of cans of beer from our stash in the room (yes, still wearing the wife-beater).

Our group decided to split "“ half to a club and half to see a cover band at one of the, um, less fancy casinos on the strip. Naturally, I chose against going to the place in which I was going to pay cover to then pay $12 per drink.

Walking toward the show, we pass the Rockhouse and see a very attractive brunette with shoulder-length hair, squinty green eyes and a shiny, silver sports bra standing on a platform behind a giant red beer cooler.

"Two for one! All beer two for one," she shouted.

Obviously, I was sold. It was $8 for two 16 oz. bottles. And since it was just one casino down from where we were watching the show, we ended up walking back for seconds and thirds.

By 3 a.m., we were ready to dodge the dudes who hand out flyers for call girls and head back to the room.

But not before another late-night snack. This time it was two chicken tacos from a stand and a bottle of water for a grand total of $9.

So for those keeping track at home: $9 burrito meal plus $10 blackjack losses plus $30 for six beers, plus $9 late-night snack equals me being $42 under budget for day two. Granted, this was the perfect storm of a day and I really didn’t do too much, but still.

Come back tomorrow for the culmination of the three-part series to see how squeezing in a popular show affects the overall budget.