Bizarre Income Strategy: Sue Facebook!

Here at Wallet Genius, we’re all about finding new ways to add that little bit to your income. You can finance your social media budget by doing things such as market (or medical) research studies or doing some freelance work in your free time. However, frivolous lawsuits, (like the one against Kanye), while American, have very low odds.

The newest example is a Mr. Paul Ceglia. He filed a suit against Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who famously co-founded Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, claiming that he had paid $1000 to Zuckerberg in 2003 to create a social network for Harvard students called “The Face Book,” with him receiving half of any profits. It then apparently took Ceglia seven years to realize that Facebook became a massive worldwide success. Ceglia will be willing to call it even if he is given 84% ownership in the $15 billion company. Seemingly buying into the possibility this could be true, the courts filed an injunction against Facebook, preventing them from selling or transferring any assets.

While it’s probably unfair to assume Ceglia is lying, his story seems outlandish at best. As stated earlier, he is filing suit seven years after the alleged contract breach, which doesn’t even fall in the statue of limitations for New York (the site of the filing). It seems illogical at best that he would be unaware of the existence of Facebook for the past six years or so.

Anyways, if you’re trying to cook up a scheme to sue someone rich, know that filing a suit costs a lot of money. And attorneys cost even more.


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