Family Budget Fridays: Special Needs Families

Family Budget Fridays: Special Needs Families

Life is tough, and sometimes it seems unforgiving and completely unfair. Still, within many life trials, love reigns supreme–a common thread that runs through many special needs families.

While most of us may never deal with special needs in our immediate family, it is always a possibility. The worst thing about such a scenario–there is simply no way to truly prepare for it. Whether it’s an accident, an illness, the result of an illness in an infant or something that happens to an adult who was once a capable, independent parent who served as a provider for the family.

What is sad about many special needs situations isn’t the actual need, or the necessary tweak in the family dynamic. It’s the fact that some families find a way to bond and thrive lovingly in the face of the adversity, while others crumble or slowly dissolve. One of the main reasons that the family glue doesn’t stick during a tragedy or a trying scenario, is due to financial stress.

There are varying degrees of “special needs.” Caring for a child with down syndrome is different than caring for a husband or wife who is in a quadriplegic state due to an accident. The specifics of the need all lead to a universal solution: Help. In order for a special needs family to thrive, help is the key. It can come in many forms, and from many sources, but for a member of a special needs family, it is crucial to seek the proper resources leading to assistance and financial relief.

Fortunately in the information age there are some excellent resources that will help introduce and connect families to the necessary support systems. From available government funds to charities to community forums made up of individuals who are dealing with similar circumstances: Resources are available in abundance and easily accessible to families with special needs. Ultimately, it is easier to bear the load of special needs within a family when there is help.

In order to best control and budget your financial life when dealing with special needs, it is absolutely imperative to rely on these support services and available groups.

Beyond the issue of finding help from the appropriate resources, education is another key to a thriving family dynamic. Understanding everything about a condition, disability, disease or disorder will help to increase the knowledge of the aid providers–the family. With education, daily challenges can become systematic routines, greatly reducing the stress on the family dynamic.

Here are a few great resources for special needs families:

Brave Kids

National Spinal Cord Injury Association

National Down Syndrome Society

Medicaid Information

Cerebral Palsy

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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